Striker Awakening combo: Awakening&non-Awakening combos with Buffs and Debuffs


The Striker, Black Desert Online's 14th and latest character, finally got his Awakening Weapon and Skills on June 21 (PDT). Below is a quick guide to the Striker's combos using both Awakening and non-Awakening skills. The guide is written by a player in BDO KR, where the Striker Awakening was updated on May 25th. 


Striker: Level 60 / 166 AP and 150 Awakening Weapon AP / Accuracy crystals and Ignore Grapple Resistance 20%

Target: Level 60 Wizard / 249 DP

[Skill Add-ons]


[Non-Awakening Skills]

Knee Hammer: a good skill to approach the target and start the combo with its Forward Guard effect.

Hidden Claws: hold LMB after Knee Hammer. (Opponent’s DP -15)

Roaring Tiger: use immediately after Hidden Claws to deal additional damage with Air Smash. (HP recovery per hit)

[Awakening Skills]

Ultimate Crush: often used to counter-attack the opponent with its Forward Guard effect at first hit. (Opponent’s DP -15)

Skull Crusher: the Striker’s primary Awakening skill; use Flow: Skull Hammer after to deal massive damage. (Opponent’s attack speed and movement speed decrease)

Flow: Crosswind: a skill used to end the combo, dodge enemy attacks, or counter-attack the opponent; long cooldown is the only downside.

As you can see below, HP decrease debuffs are very powerful. A total of 4 HP decrease debuffs (Bleed *2, Pain, and Burn) is applied on the target when Rampaging Predator hits.

The combo will give the enemy different debuffs while gifting yourself with different buffs.

[Combo Video: Knee Hammer Combo]

Knee Hammer - Hidden Claws - Roaring Tiger - Skull Crusher - Flow: Skull Hammer - Hell Break - Spiral Cannon - Flow: Crosswind

Key Commands: Shift+LMB - S+LMB - LMB+RMB - C - Shift+F - F - E - W+F - Shift+LMB - Space bar

Start the combo with Knee Hammer right after engaging in. The Air Smash from Roaring Tiger did not happen in the below video, but if it does, the target won’t be able to stand up and will get hit by the full combo. Rotate your camera perspective to the opposite direction to hit the target with Flow: Crosswind.

[Combo Video: Spiral Cannon Combo]

Spiral Cannon - Endless Fight - Hell Break - Skull Crusher - Flow: Skull Hammer - grapple - Knee Hammer - Hidden Claws - Roaring Tiger - Spiral Cannon - Flow: Crosswind

Key Commands: (Awakening) Shift+LMB - LMB - E - Shift+F - F - grapple - (non-Awakening) Shift+LMB - S+LMB - LMB+RMB - Shift+C - Shift+LMB - Space bar

It’s a combo that you can try if it’s hard for you to engage with non-Awakening skills. Alternatively, you can go with Crouching Wolf - grapple - Skull Crusher instead. Like the above combo, rotate your camera before using Flow: Crosswind.

[Combo Video: Echo Spirit Combo]

Echo Spirit - Rampaging Predator - Knee Hammer - Hidden Claws - Roaring Tiger - Skull Crusher - Flow: Skull Hammer - Spiral Cannon - Flow: Crosswind

Key commands: Shift+Q - W+F - C - Shift+LMB - S+LMB - LMB+RMB - C - Shift+F - F - Shift+LMB - Space bar

You can also extend the combo by using Hell Break or other non-Awakening grapple skills after Skull Crusher. Always end the combo with Spiral Cannon - Flow: Crosswind.

[Full PvP Video]

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