The roadmap of old and new champions revealed along with future reworks


The Champion Roadmap, June 2017 was posted on the developer’s blog of the official League of Legends website today.

The information introduced on the developer’s blog includes class updates, upcoming reworks, and new champions.

First off, the class updates will be done from a different perspective. The article claims that the large seasonal class updates will be discontinued and individual champions that need work will be given more focus. This is to avoid problems caused by the past process, which neglected champions that needed reworks due to the class updating system. Therefore, it is expected that reworks of specific champions who need to be tweaked will be done instead of seasonal class updates.

▲ From now on, champion reworks will be done based on which champions have the greatest need


Some partial information about the three champions that are scheduled to be reworked has also been revealed. Firstly, Aatrox is one of the champions that has received the most requests for a gameplay update, and the post claims that the art and theme of ‘a demonic warrior who craves bloodshed’ will be appropriately applied in the game this time. It also mentioned that this will likely be the largest gameplay update on a single champion.

Implying that the rework on Urgot is getting closer to release, the post mentioned that they have focused on his identity as a marksman/tank hybrid and altered him a bit into a Ranged Juggernaut. As introduced in the last blog, Evelynn will become more of a ‘true assassin’ rather than the diving champion that players currently have.

▲ Each champion is expected to be updated based on their unique concept


The last bit of information from the developer’s blog provided some hints about a new champion. According to the blog, the new champion will be a carry champion that performs well in the jungle, and will be the first transformation champion since Gnar. The developer also aroused curiosity by saying that the transformation process will be unlike any champion ever made in the past.

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