Upgrade your Masters by exchanging items! Arena reward exchange and Style Tokens


In MXM, you can collect items that are used to upgrade Masters by playing in the stages, but you can also get them via exchange. You can also make Style Tokens, which you can use to change the skin of your Master.

Most of these items can be randomly obtained from clearing certain stages. However, you can easily get certain items by using the Manufacture/Exchange function. The exchange is not random in Manufacture/Exchange, so you do not have to spend a lot of time in the stage for materials.


▲ Obtain different materials through Medal Exchange.

Manufacture a higher Style Token with Sol Fiber Purifier

You can either manufacture or disassemble the Style Tokens. In the Manufacture menu, you can make Style Tokens using Sol Fiber Piece and Sol Fiber Purifier. The Disassemble function is used to change unnecessary Style Tokens back into Sol Fiber Pieces.

There are 4 grades of Style Token: Normal, Superior, Rare, and Legendary. The Tokens are used to buy skins for the Masters. Each Master requires a different amount and level of the Style Tokens, so make sure to check the Master window in advance to see how many Style Tokens you will need

There is a chance that the Style Token Manufacturing will fail. 6 Sol Fiber Pieces and some Gold is necessary to start manufacturing, and you can use the Sol Fiber Purifier to increase the success rate or manufacture a higher-grade Style Token. Only one Sol Fiber Purifier can be used at a time, and you can purchase it with 190 X-Coins if you do not have any. The grade of the manufactured Style Token will be random.

Disassembling the Style Tokens into Sol Fiber Pieces also requires some Gold. You can revert the manufacturing if you get a Style Token that you do not want, so that you may get your Sol Fiber Pieces back.


▲ Tokens can be nanufactured in the Style Tokens menu
▲ Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get a high-grade Style Token
▲ Low-grade Style Tokens can be disassembled to get Sol Fiber Pieces

Medal Exchange: Exchange your Medals with Materials and Nodes

You can purchase different items with Battlefield Medals and Medals of Reputation in the Medal Exchange menu. A Battlefield Medal is obtainable in the Arena, and a Medal of Reputation is obtainable through guild activities.

Medals can be used to purchase Augmentation Crystals or Augmentation Modules in the Material tab. Medals can also be exchanged with different materials that are only obtainable in certain stages. These items are necessary for upgrading the Masters’ weapons, so make sure you know which materials are needed for which Master.

Medals can also be exchanged with Offensive, Defensive, and Auxiliary Nodes. Superior Nodes require 10 Battlefield Medals, and Legendary Nodes require 150. The items you can purchase with Battlefield Medals are crucial in upgrading the Masters and getting higher-grade Nodes. If you want to upgrade your Master fast, you should play a lot of Arena.


▲ Get rare materials through Material Exchange
▲ Exchange Battlefield Medals for Legendary Nodes

Material Exchange Booth

You can upgrade Modules and Weapons in the Material Exchange Booth menu. You can exchange 3 Augment Modules (Low) + 60 Gold with 1 Augment Module (High). There are 5 types of Augment Modules: Damage, Speed, Expansion, Focus, and Trait.

In the Recruiting Masters window, you can exchange the Materials required for upgrading the Weapons for Poharan, Kromede, Death Knight, Kat the Cat, and Rytlock. Poharan’s Eyepatch, Judge’s Long Bow, Death Knight Dragonslayer, Ant Queen’s Ring, and Shard of Sohothin are the Materials.

The Required Goods are obtainable in the Timespace Distortion. The items are looted from the monsters, rather than being given to you after completing the game. You will need 900 Gold to exchange the Required Goods with the Materials to upgrade Weapons.

Obtainable items and Materials in the Module Upgrade and Recruiting Masters menu


▲ Upgrade the Modules through Material Exchange 
▲ Required Goods are easy to get in the Timespace Distortion


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