Level up and distribute Skill Points and Traits well to upgrade your Masters


You can upgrade your Master by leveling up in Titan Ruins. You can upgrade one skill per level, and gain 3 points for Traits every three levels. The Master’s basic stats such as attack and defense also increase as your level goes up, so leveling is crucial in Titan Ruins.

You can spend your Points on one of the skills that your Master has. This system works regardless of the Tag system, so you will be able to upgrade the ultimate skills for both of your Masters if you use the Points on ultimate skills. The skills will gain additional effects at levels 3 and 6, so it is recommended to spend your Points mainly on a specific skill rather than distributing them among different skills.

Each Master gains 3 Trait Points per 3 levels and can spend the points at the base. Choose one of the four Traits that the Master has. The Traits include Skill damage, Movement speed, and Weapon damage. Choose the Trait that can upgrade your Master’s best strength. You can upgrade each Trait up to level 12.


▲ Gain Skill and Trait Points by leveling up and upgrade your Master with Points.

The Skill upgrade you did in the Bridge will not be applied in Titan Ruins. Instead, you must upgrade the Skills with the Skill Points you receive as your Master levels up. The actual Skill damage, Crowd Control effects, and upgrade levels will equal the information you see in the Bridge.

1 Skill Point is given per level. The player can choose between two Active Skills and one Ultimate Skill to upgrade. One thing you should keep in mind is that when you upgrade one of the skills that the tagged Master has, the respective skill of the un-tagged Master will also be upgraded.

For example, when you upgrade the ultimate skill of the Master you are currently playing, the ultimate skill for the un-tagged Master will also be upgraded. The same rule applies for the first and second Active Skills.


▲ The Skills gain additional effects when they reach level 3 and 6.

It is better to concentrate your upgrades on a certain skill to get it to level 3 and 6 first. Each skill gains an additional effect at levels 3 and 6. For example, an attack skill will normally gain additional damage with upgrades. But when the skill reaches level 3 and 6, it will give an increased area of effect and/or additional skill effects. Some skills gain a sharp damage boost at levels 3 and 6.

Try to upgrade the core skill first and then upgrade the less important skills, rather than upgrading all skills one by one. Depending on the Master you are playing, you can upgrade one specific skill to level 3 and then upgrade the other skills.

Click the ‘+’ icon which will appear at the bottom when your Master levels up to upgrade his or her skill. Alternatively, you can upgrade your skill by pressing Ctrl and the keyboard shortcut for the skill you want to upgrade, which is more preferred during fast-paced battles.


▲ Unused Skill Points will be saved automatically.

Traits are only available in the Titan Ruins. Each Master gains 3 Trait Points per 3 levels, and is able to use the Points on various stats such as Skill damage, Critical hit rate, HP, Cooldown, and Movement speed. Different Masters have different Traits. Each Master has a total of 4 Traits.

You will get your first Traits Points when your Master reaches level 3. Unless you are in a big team fight, recall to base to spend your Points. Traits Points can be used only when you are at a friendly base. Recall to base, and click the Master’s portrait at the bottom to use the Points.

Each Trait can be upgraded up to level 12. The maximum level for the Masters is 18, so it is impossible to upgrade all Traits to level 12. Choose the Trait you want to upgrade first and spend your Points wisely.


▲ You will get your first Trait Points when your Master reaches level 3.

Unlike Skills, Traits don’t have any additional effects at certain levels. Upgrade HP first for the Masters who fight in the frontline, and upgrade Weapon damage or Skill damage for DPS Masters.

Traits can be reset when you are at the base. Click the Master’s portrait and press the Reset button to regain all the Trait Points you have spent. There are no penalties for resetting your Traits, so be flexible with your Traits and be ready to change your Traits depending on the situation.

It is important to know which Trait is best for which Master, since same Traits might work differently for different Masters. The extent to which one specific Trait is upgraded is different among different Masters, so you must know which Trait is most effective for your main Master.


▲ Click ‘New Traits’ at the bottom of the portrait to spend the Trait Points you have.


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