6 Game Modes Available in MXM


MXM supports both PvP mode, where the players play against each other with their Masters, and PvE mode, where the players kill monsters with their Masters. The PvP mode, also known as the Arena, has two sub-modes called the Combat Arena and the Titan Ruins. The PvE mode, also known as the Stage, also has various sub-modes including the Timespace Distortion and the Natium Defense Line.

For both PvP and PvE mode, you must choose two masters before playing. One of the opponent’s Masters will be revealed to you before the battle begins in the Arena, so you might want to take that into consideration when choosing your own Masters. For the Stage, you have to choose the Master that best suits the Area you’re playing at.

After selecting your Masters, you must set your skills according to the mode you’re playing. For the Arena, Crowd Control skills are sometimes more effective than damage dealing skills. In contrast, choosing the skills that can deal massive damage all at once would be a better choice in PvE mode.


▲ Choose the game mode you want to play in the Dispatch menu.


■ Play against other players in the Arena.

Learn how to play as a team with others. Combat Arena: 3vs3 battle in a small battlefield.

The Combat Arena is composed of three battlefields: the regular battlefield, the hidden battlefield, and the portal battlefield. It is a 3vs3 fight where you choose two Masters and play for 5 minutes. The team that gets the most kills will win the game. Teamwork is especially important in the Combat Arena since the battle takes place in a relatively small area.

Each player will have 1 Skill Point to start with, and will gain 1 additional point every 35 seconds. You can gain a total of 9 Skill Points in a game and they are not enough to upgrade all the skills, so you should be careful when using your points. The other players will also gain Skill Points as time goes on, so make sure you’re not falling behind in skills.

Items that can recover your HP or charge your ultimate will be generated in the map. These items will help you survive longer and show some impressive plays. They only appear on a designated spot, so get them before the enemy does.

You will be able to check your record on the results window that pops up after the Combat Arena ends. You will gain some gold and exp as rewards, as well as the Battle Field Medal, which you can use to buy items or Nodes. These rewards will differ according to the results.


▲ The Combat Arena, where the battle takes place in a small area.
▲ You will gain some gold, exp, and the Battle Field Medal as rewards.

Fight with your teammates. Titan Ruins: 5vs5 battle in a huge battlefield

You will fight 5vs5 in the Titan Ruins. The game is 25 minutes long, and the team that destroys the enemy team’s core or reaches 1,000 points first will win. If neither team meets the criteria, the one with the higher score will win the game. Summoning and using the Titan is the core strategy in the Titan Ruins.

The Titan is a strong monster that can fight alongside you as an ally. A summoned Titan will march towards the enemy’s base and attack the enemy Masters and enemy defense towers. There are three types of Titans, and one Titan will be summoned at your team’s base for every 100 points your team gets. The Titans are especially effective when attacking the enemies or defending the ally base, so it is important to use the Titans.

Titan’s Incarnation is when you become the Titan itself for a certain amount of time. You can activate Titan’s Incarnation when you have 5 Titan Shards. But, it’s not good to use the Titan’s Incarnation right after you get 5 Shards. Ask your teammates about when to use Incarnation. Titan’s Incarnation can deal massive damage to the enemy’s base, defend an ally base from incoming attacks, and turn a losing game around.

The objects that appear on the field are also crucial to your victory. You will be able to summon different monsters such as Adaman or Ruark with different abilities (strong damage, healing, etc.) when you take an Altar. These monsters will move along the path that the Titans don’t use, so it’s best to use the monsters with the Titans.


▲ Titans are powerful. It’s not easy for you to deal with the enemy Titans.  

You can make your Masters stronger with Skill Points and Traits. You can start using your Skill Points at level 1, and will gain an additional Point when you level up. Unlike the Combat Arena, you will be able to enhance all your skills when you reach level 18.

Traits are activated at level 3. Each Master has 4 types of Traits, and different Masters may have different Traits. Each Trait has 12 levels, and can be upgraded using the points you gain by leveling up. You can reset and redistribute your Traits at the base.

You will gain some gold and exp as well as the Battle Field Medal after completing Titan Ruins. The amount of rewards you get may differ according to the results.


▲ You can upgrade your Masters with Traits in the Titan Ruins.

The battle gets more intense. Ranked: fight for your Tier in the Titan Ruins.

You can play Ranked games when your player level is over 20. Ranked games are held in the Titan Ruins, but different rules will apply. The player with the highest rank or rating can ban two Masters first. After two Masters have been banned, the players with a lower rank or rating will pick two Masters in order.

Nodes will be 100% effective during Ranked games. Using them to upgrade your Master will be the key to victory.

You will gain some gold and exp as well as Battle Field Medal for completing a Ranked game. You will also gain Tier Points in Ranked Games, where the Points decrease with losses and increase with wins. These Points will determine your Tier.


▲ The players with the lower Tier will pick their Masters first in Ranked Games.


■ Defeat the monsters with other players to get a variety of rewards in the PvE mode.

Stage: Choose the best Master for each Area and kill the Boss Monster.

You can either play alone or play with others in Stage. The goal is to kill all the monsters that you see on your way, and then kill the final boss. The time spent on the Stage and the number of hits you get will determine your final rating. Your rewards will be different according to your rating. The rewards are random and will include Nodes or Materials.

There are 5 Areas in Stage: Caligo Factory, Lacrimosa, Rentu Labatory, Karith, and Nuuran. Each Area has a different Attunement. Caligo Factory is Adent, Lacrimosa and Rentu Labatory are Kinetic, and Karith and Nuuran are Helix. You must choose the Master who is strong against a specific attunement if you want to win the game easily. Unlike the Arena, you don’t have to take the other players’ Masters into consideration when choosing your Master, so feel free to choose any two Masters you want.

You can enter the Stage 10 times a day. If you want to enter the Stage more than 10 times, you will need a Dispatch Ticket. You can purchase the Ticket through the EL.

Even if you don’t have any Dispatch Tickets, you can still enter the Stage via Random Stage, in which case you won’t be able to choose the Area you want to play. You can only choose the difficulty level when you are playing via Random Stage.


▲ There are 5 Areas and 4 Locations in the Stage.

Each Area is divided into 4 Locations. Each Location requires a different strategy, as different monsters and a final boss will appear. The rewards are different as well.

Lastly, you may choose the difficulty. There are five difficulty levels: Easy(Story), Normal, Brutal, Extreme, and Nightmare, and the rewards will go up as the difficulty level goes up. The game especially becomes hard after Brutal, so it is better to play with others from that difficulty and up.

Masters with AoE skills are good since a lot of monsters will attack you as soon as the game starts. Clear the path, and move on to the final boss. The boss will have various patterns, but you will be able to dodge the attacks as the direction and AoE will be displayed on the map.

Defeat the final boss and complete the Stage to win the rewards. You may choose the reward box you want in the reward window, and may choose more boxes with a higher rating. You can choose 5 boxes with an S rating, and the contents of the boxes are random.


▲ Purchase the Dispatch Ticket to play in an Area you want
▲ Be aware of its patterns and dodge its attacks
▲ The rewards you get from completing the Stage


Timespace Distortion: Play to gain Materials.

Timespace Distortion is another PvE mode that is similar to the Stage. The players will have to kill the monsters and the final boss to complete the game. There are five dungeons in Timespace Distortion: Fire Temple, Gludio Dungeon, Ant Nest, Ascalon Catacombs, and Black Ram Supply chain. Unlike the Stages, you will be able to enter each dungeon on a specific day and time.

The Dungeons also have Attunements. Fire Temple and Gludio Dungeon are Adent, Ant Nest and Ascalon Catacombs are Helix, and Black Ram Supply chain is Kinetic. There are no Locations in Timespace Distortion, and only two difficulty levels, Normal and Extreme. The rewards are not much different in the two difficulty levels.

Main Collectible Items include Materials, which can be used to upgrade the weapons and skills of Masters. You can also exchange monster drops in Timespace Distortion with Materials.


▲ Monster drops can be exchanged with Materials
▲ Death Knight, the boss monster of Timespace Distortion

Natium Defense Line: Defend the Natium with a team of 5 players

The Natium Defense Line is a PvE mode playable from level 20. 5 players will make up a party. There is no Attumenemt for Natium Defense Line, and only one available difficulty level, Nightmare. The goal is to stop the monsters from destroying the Natium. The game is over when either the Natium is destroyed or the boss monster is killed. There are 30 levels in total, and you will receive your reward according to the levels cleared.

Monsters will be coming from different entrances and move towards the Natium as the game begins. The Natium will be a primary target for the monsters, but some of them will attack the players as well. Special monsters, which are relatively larger than normal monsters, will also appear.

Special monsters have high durability and will spread defense buffs around it, making it harder for the players to kill the normal monsters. It is important to kill the special monsters first. One strategy you can use is to destroy the walls blocking the way to the cliff and pushing the monsters off the cliff. The Masters that have knock back skills are effective in this strategy. Masters that can bind the enemies are also effective in defending the Natium.


▲ The Natium is at the center; monsters will destroy the barriers and march towards it
▲ Monsters are coming from different directions


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