Today's editorial cartoon is about "The Meme Team" and the motley crew of Delta Fox in NACS.

"Echo Fox did WHAT?" - June 2nd, the balance of power in League of Legends meme was greatly disturbed when Echo Fox announced the new roster of their Challengers team. A single team shouldn't wield that much power, yet the combined force of Dyrus, Voyboy, Scarra, Imqtpie and Shiphtur was very much real - and also real was the team's effect on NA CS and Echo Fox brand in general.

No other Challengers League has received this much attention in any region. In fact, It was enough for Riot Games to quickly respond with a change on the broadcast schedule. Even without Riot's action, the evidence is clear; Scarra's highlight of their match against EUnited reached about 300,000 views in a day, and NA CS's viewership for the Delta Fox match rivaled NA LCS viewership in Twitch.

The team itself is also a genius move for Echo Fox in regards to franchising. As NA LCS franchising draws near, the teams are already making investment to be favorably considered in the selection process. Riot stated that they were looking for partners that can grow the league together, and their selection criteria were more varied than just team performance and financial stability.

When Echo Fox single-handedly brought an unprecedented attention on NACS, it certainly proved that they are on a different level compared to other teams in terms of publicity. If anything, with their respectable run in NA LCS and players signing praises about their life with Echo Fox, there doesn't seem to be a better partner for Riot to grow the game together.

But we digress. Their scrims and matches were just as entertaining as their usual streams. It's actually even more enjoyable to watch now that five of the most popular LoL streamers will regularly get together for a single cause, even if the team hasn't been performing very well in NA CS. We haven't been watching any of those streamers, but we'll certainly keep an eye out for the motley crew.

If you haven't been watching them, why not join their crew? It will indeed be a wise choice.

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