SKT T1 Wolf's opinions on the LongZhu rookies, supporting, and kkOma’s new hairdo

Jaewan ‘Wolf’ Lee is a support that led SKT T1 to victory against LongZhu Gaming in the 1st round of the LCK Summer Split with his outstanding support. After the intense match, Wolf, known for his humorous and cheerful attitude, shared his opinions on the LZ rookies, supporting, and kkOma’s new hairdo with us.

That wasn’t an easy match. How do you feel about winning against LongZhu Gaming?

I felt a bit regretful because I made a lot of mistakes in the 1st set, although I don’t think I made big mistakes in the 2nd and 3rd set. I feel somewhat ashamed about how I performed in the 1st match.

How was it when you actually played against the new players of LZ, who are currently in the limelight?

First of all, Khan played real good, so did Bbd, and Cuzz seemed to be pretty good as well. But most of all, I think the bot laners who played along with the three rookies for a long time are the real deal.

What is the reason you chose to play Lulu 3 times in a row?

I thought Lulu was a good choice, because whether our ADC gets pulled or Lulu does, all I have to do is use W (Whimsy) the opponent ADC and trade, which will always end up with Lulu winning the skirmish. As for today’s 1st set, I hadn’t hit level 6 yet and kept making mistakes so it may have been seen as a bit unwise for me to keep playing Lulu. However, in the rest of the sets, there probably would have been several moments when we could have brought the situation to our side even if someone from our team got pulled towards the enemies. That’s what I thought of when I chose Lulu.

Your opponents picked top Cassiopeia in the 2nd set. What was your team’s response to it?

I thought it was possible that they would play Cassiopeia in the top lane, so during the draft phase, my teammates warned me that it could be a top Cassiopeia.

Such intense teamfights continued on even until the end of the 3rd set. What kind of shot calls were made inside your booth?

As for that, all of us call the shots together. For example, if one person makes a wrong move at some random moment, the others fix it immediately, or something like that. As for the team fights, usually the player who has the most CC would be the shotcaller.

If Varus has his ult ready, he’d be the shot caller, or if Lulu has her ‘Whimsy’ or Elise her ‘Cocoon’, then they’d be the shot callers. Things weren’t so good in our booth, but things just went smoothly because we thought we had a much better composition.

Not long ago we saw you appear in the video about the support position by Riot. How much do you think the support contributes to the team?

Well, I personally think their contribution to the team is quite big, because it’s usually the support who has the CC in the case of laning, and based on that laning, you can either go roaming or control vision, which all are things done by the support. Things will be like that during the early 15 minutes of the game, and a support’s capability is important in the late game.

DPS champs are important from 15 minutes to 35 minutes of the game, and of course, DPS is important even to the last minute, but it’s up to the support to cover the mistakes your DPS makes, as well as exploit the opponent’s mistakes and turn them into your advantages. If I were to give support a percentage in team contribution, then it’d be about 25%.

kkOma cut his hair recently, how do you feel about it?

I thought he looked kind of similar to Raewon Kim from the movie, ‘Sunflower’. So when he came back with a new haircut, I told him, “Are you Raewon Kim?”. He was actually very worried about it.

“People told me not to cut my hair… Jaewan, what do you think?”, “My dear coach, those who tell you not to cut your hair are people who don’t appreciate change. You should cut your hair.” Now he tells me he’s satisfied with his new hairdo. He says he doesn’t get stressed about his hair flying all over and getting sweaty anymore, but he does seem to care what others tell him about it.

We saw that you followed Huni and Peanut on your personal social media account (Twitter), but you didn’t follow Bang. Why is that?

There’s no special reason for that. I think I was too lazy to do it. I didn’t feel the need to log on and click follow- really, no special reason.

In the yet-to-be-released OGN opening teaser, you are standing in the ‘center’. How did it feel to be the ‘center’?

First of all, I liked it. Having videos like that is a good thing for me. Anyway, I’ve seen the video, and I’m, like, standing here (in the center) and people on either side of me are in perfect symmetry. It’s very satisfying. People say that the place makes you who you are… And the center seems to be the place you move up to.

Please share your resolution for the Summer Split with us.

I made mistakes in today’s match,which is embarrassing as a player and hurts, too, but all I can do is try even harder. I plan to keep myself striving harder so that I am not seen like that anymore. Winning is obviously my goal for this Summer Split, and I’ll make sure that we make it to the World Championships. Please keep rooting for us, and always take care of yourselves.

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