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Rich returns to competitive Heroes as MVP teams experience roster changes



▲ The old MVP Black roster featuring Jaewon "Rich" Lee on the far right.

This was retweeted by the former MVP Black star player Rich just hours ago:

This tweet, coupled with the "good news" Rich promised to his stream viewers, makes it extremely likely that the proposed MVP Black and MVP Miracle roster changes will include Rich making a comeback. Rich left MVP Black back in 2016 along with his previous teammate, Jihoon "Sign" Yoon. The two were replaced by Woonsung "Ttsst" Kang.

Rich left MVP Black back in 2016 along with his previous teammate, Jihoon "Sign" Yoon. The two were replaced by Ttsst and Jinwoo "Reset" who went on to get 2nd place during the first phase of HGC Korea and qualify for the mid-season brawl. MVP Miracle, the sister team to MVP Black, has not been as successful, going 6-8 and achieving only 5th place in the league.

▲ Rich teases fans with the big news he will announce in June.
Will he play for MVP Black or MVP Miracle?

Rich was considered one of the best players back in 2016, and his high mechanical skill made clips of his outplays to become popular in every region. His possible return should be a good news for the Korean scene that is currently being dominated by the undefeated L5.

This story will be updated as further information becomes available.

UPDATE: MVP GG released the following statement just moments ago.

"As you know, Merryday of MVP Black retires after Mid Season Brawl. After he leaves, the most skilled HotS player in the world, Rich will rejoin MVP Black! He's not really a support only, so MVP Black might change their position (or not!)

MVP Miracle is more dynamic. Darvish and Hongcono, who showed pretty nice performance will leave the team. After that, Jaehyun, support of Team GG and Judy, tank of Team Blossom will join MVP Miracle!

Due to roster change, and also possibility of position change, Our journey will not be so easy. But please support us steadily and trust us."


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