FOX Looper's longest interview ever - On NA LCS, Echo Fox and his favorite team house

Winner of Worlds 2014, Winner of 2016 LPL Spring Playoffs, Best Top Laner in 2016 Demacia Cup -- These are what Hyungsuk "Looper" Jang achieved in 5 years as a pro player. For all his achievements though, he didn't do many interviews with media.

To be frank, we might know why: It's not easy to interview Looper. No matter how much the media try to get longer answers from him, he just answered with a "Yes" or "No". Is he shy? Is he concise? Or were we making him uncomfortable? It's ever a mystery.

In LCS Studio during the second day of 2017 NA LCS Summer Split, we've had a chance to meet Looper once again. It was his second split in the NA LCS with Echo Fox after concluding his two years of playing in LPL. We were thousands of miles away from Korea, but meeting Looper made us feel like any other interviews that we had with him.

"How have you been?" "Good."
"I heard that the team house is pretty good." "Yup."

Ah, Good Ol' Looper.

Just when we were about to have the shortest interview ever, Looper began to talk more about himself. He even started to smile! It was faint, but we started to sense some hospitality as he started to talk more about himself.

It was the longest interview that we've ever had with Looper.

: You've moved to US after playing in China for a few years. Isn't it difficult to adjust to another new environment?
Looper: The culture is different, but I like how I get more off-time here.
Inven: More than China?
Looper: Yeah, we get more free time here in the States.

Inven: Compared to LPL, what has NA LCS been like?
Looper: LPL players really loved to do teamfights. As for NA LCS... I don't know, I can't really put it to words.
Inven: Even after two splits?
Looper: It's not that much different.

Inven: Now that you've laned a bit against everyone else in NA LCS, who do you think are the better top laners?
Looper: I think we are all pretty much equal. Nobody is really far behind but not much better than the others.

Inven: Have you heard what Hauntzer said about Korean top laners in NA LCS? How did you feel about it?
Looper: TSM won the previous split, so I thought he had all the rights to say it.
Inven: Was it difficult to lane against him?
Looper: I could match up to him, but he still has the rights to say it.
Inven: Then can you tell us who you think is the best top laner in NA?
Looper: I suppose Hauntzer is the best if I have to pick one.
Inven: Even when including yourself?
Looper: Yup.

Inven: Who's the most reliable player in Echo Fox?
Looper: Froggen.
Inven: I thought he was a bit out of shape.
Looper: It's not like he is in Season 3 again, but he is still good.

Inven: Don't you feel lonely as the only Korean player in the team?
Looper: I was lonely, but I got over it quickly because the team house was very nice.
Inven: What was the happiest moment of your time in US?
Looper: When I moved into the team house. I thought I was in a palace.
Inven: I've heard good things about Echo Fox's team house.
Looper: (Smiling) I want to stay with Echo Fox for as long as I can. It's the best team that I've been to in my standards.
Inven: 'Did he just smile?'

Inven: Who do you get along with the most in the team?
Looper: Akaadian.
Inven: Have you spent off time together?
Looper: We all went to an amusement park while we were doing a boot camp in Korea.
Inven: Awesome! Did you get to show them around and ride rollercoasters together?
Looper: Yup.
Inven: Went to safari and saw lions?
Looper: Yup.
Inven: Uh, Zebras?
Looper: Yup.
Inven: ...

▲ "...Penguins?" "Yup."


Inven: How do you think you'll do in this split?
Looper: I think we'll do better than last split.
Inven: What about the Worlds?
Looper: We'll need to try hard.
Inven: What do you think the team needs to do better to get to the Worlds?
Looper: We often skimped practices when we'd win a few times in a row last split. I think we just need to stop doing that and keep practicing regardless.

: Since you love being with Echo Fox, why not say a few words to Rick Fox?
Looper: Thank you for giving me a chance, and I'll always try my best - Please let me stay here forever.
Inven: Let's hear one for the fans too.
Looper: It's been a while since I've last met Inven. I'm doing really great here, and I'll make sure that we make it to the Worlds this year.



Inven: Yup.

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