SKT T1 Wolf: “My goal has always been winning championships, whether it's Summer Split or Worlds”

Leading SKT T1 to the first win of the Summer Split, Wolf, #1 Support World, expressed his desire for consecutive championship wins.

After defeating bbq Olivers 2-0 and securing the first win of the season, Wolf said in the post-match interview that, “Our condition hasn’t been good coming back home from the MSI. We’re slowly getting back on our feet and adapting to the patch, so we’ll show you better plays moving forward.”

Regarding the fans’ concerns due to the landslide defeat against Samsung, Wolf explained that, “We didn’t get to scrim much, and our communication suffered as a result, not to mention meta changes since the patch.” He reminded the fans that, “SKT T1 is a team that has won most championships. I hope you don’t worry too much about us.”

When asked about his goal in 2017, Wolf simply responded, “winning championships.” His first goal is to win this Summer Split to directly advance to Worlds. After revealing that he was concerned last year because the team didn’t directly advance to Worlds, Wolf expressed a strong will to make 2017 a year of SKT T1 by saying, “My goal has always been winning championships as it was last year and the year before. Since I’ve started to go pro, my goal will be always the same. All my teammates are eager to win championships.”

Concluding the interview by asking his fans a safe return home, Wolf wished that people will always have fun while watching SKT T1’s games. Only time will tell if SKT T1’s dominance will continue as it did in the MSI and the spring season.

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