SKT T1 Head Coach cCarter: “Huni’s top Lucian has been a pocket pick for MSI”

▲ SKT T1 Head Coach cCarter (Middle)

After a landslide defeat against Samsung, SKT T1 heralded the return of champions after sweeping bbq Olivers 2-0.

Specifically, top Lucian in Game 1 drew many fans’ eyes in the match against bbq. Huni’s Lucian has been turned into a meme in itself as it was considered a very poor pick, but Huni outplayed the enemy Kennen throughout the game.

In the post-match interview, SKT T1’s Head Coach cCarter revealed that Huni’s Lucian has been a pocket pick for a long time. cCarter said, “We’ve been meaning to bring out top Lucian in the MSI but couldn’t because either Kennen was banned or mid Lucian was used.” He explained, “We gave Kennen with a counter in mind, and we were able to use Lucian since the opponent took the bait.”

Regarding target jungle bans against Peanut, cCarter said, “It wasn’t like the enemy draft threw us off, but Peanut was under a lot of stress. So, we opted for Rek’Sai, which was a decent pick.”

The first match against Samsung was also brought up during the interview. The head coach admitted that the team hasn’t fully adapted to the meta and lacked enough practice and said he was trying to work on the fundamentals that were suffering since the MSI. Additionally, he had this to say about the next matchup against Longzhu to conclude the interview: “It’ll be a tough matchup, but we’ll try hard to win.”

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