IMT Xmithie on teamwork: "I may not be the best shotcaller in NA LCS, but we are getting better."


IMT Xmithie felt that his shotcalling could be better, but was confident that they'll get better over time.

Xmithie had a lot of weight on his shoulders. He's been to the Worlds three times; he was with Counter Logic Gaming for five splits before joining Immortals; he had much left to desire in last split; and his role in a new team was to be the team's shotcaller. After the match against Phoenix1, it seemed like he left some of that burden on stage, as he walked away as the victor.

After the match, we've had an opportunity to talk to him about how he adjusted himself to the new team, how he was welcomed by a familar face, and his resolve going into the split.

Xmithie explained how they had the first game jitters in Game 1, but quickly got over it as he assured that it was okay to make mistakes.

"I felt weird at the beginning. Everyone had the first game jitters. Everyone was too scared to make plays. It was a big stage, everyone wanted to look good and not make mistakes. Then, we took our first loss. So, I told them "It's okay guys. We can make mistakes together," and then we started to play well."

His leadership pulled them through a tight spot, but it wasn't like that from the beginning. Xmithie explained how the team had an adjusting period before he started to call the shots.

"Everyone wanted to make own calls in the beginning. We weren't really 'talking' - We just wanted to make our own plays, and carry the game. Nobody was really supporting each other. After the first week, we all knew that someone had be the voice of the team, and I was the natural fit. We might sometimes have conflicting calls, and I may not be the best in LCS, but we are getting better."

Now that they are rallying under Xmithie's command, the team's communication improved a lot - although he still feels there are room for improvements.

"Right now, everyone communicates really well. We can still improve a lot, but we now understand each other's playstyle. I'd make the calls of where we should go, and everyone would give me information so that we can work as a team."

He also has a good history with the team's midlaner Eugene "Pobelter" Park. Not only Xmithie won an NA LCS split with Pobelter, but they were also good friends beyond the boundaries of team.

"I always kept in contact with Pobelter even when he moved on to Immortals. We were always a good friend even after he left CLG. It was easy to get back in gear because Pobelter fits really well with how I communicate. We just understood each other from get-go."

For this split, Xmithie told us how the team has only one goal in mind - Going to the World Championship.

"Our goal is do really well in the Worlds. So first we want to either get to first place or win the Gauntlet. Then we want to do really well in the Worlds stage."

His personal goal aligned with the team's goal as well.

"I've been to the Worlds three times, but I didn't always do great. This time, I just want to do really well and get past the group stage."

Xmithie was happy with how the team's organization supports the players, and he just needed and wanted to show how he is worthy of that support.

"The organization supports the players and the staffs really well. Everything is really good outside the game. As a player, we just need to show that we are worthy enough for the organization to support."

The team environment is really great, but Xmithie wondered what might happen when the team eventually goes into a slump.

"Everyone is really happy and easy-going. We start to crack up jokes when we win a lot. The team environment is really good. Though, I might be in the Honeymoon Phase where everyone is just happy. I'm waiting for the time when we go into a slump; then I'll know whether we are same or worse when that happens."

As for the final question, we asked him what he'd like to say to his teammates. We've wrapped up the interview as he eventually spilled the beans on what he really wants to say to his teammates.

"Just keep doing what you are doing. Everyone is really good mechanically, so even when we might make conflicting calls, we'll figure out what's the best call eventually. So, well, just keep listening. [Laughs]"

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