Samsung Galaxy CuVee: Interview about victory against SKT T1, Kled master, and the King Jajang

This is the interview we had with Seongjin ‘CuVee’ Lee from Samsung Galaxy. CuVee has shown smooth Kled and Camille plays against SKT T1. We had the time to ask him how he felt about playing against the titan, SKT T1, as his team’s first opponent for the 2017 LCK Summer Split, and about the Kled master whose plays CuVee has been studying.

You must have felt nervous to play against SKT T1 on your first match in the LCK Summer Split. Nevertheless, you won with a complete victory. How did you feel about that?

To be honest, there wasn’t much I was worried about. Instead, I thought it was actually better to face them and played without much burden on my heart. So that’s why I feel lightened.

Why was that?

Well, I thought playing against the giant on our first match would give us a lot to learn from if we lost, and if we won, then we’d carry on the momentum. So that’s why I thought that way.

Your decision to play Kled in the 1st set was interesting; are there any personal tips you use for playing Kled?

Frankly, I don’t think I am that good at playing Kled. That’s why I watch plays of a Kled master in Solo ranked games and study them. If I were to give any tip, then I’d say you should only trade when the cooldown for W (Violent Tendencies) is over and ready to be used.

Can you tell us the Summoner name of that Kled master?

His Summer’s name is ‘돌잔치때도란잡음’. He’s played 500 games with Kled, and he’s really good.

You picked Camille in the 2nd set, though it’s been a long while since you last played her. There are many who say Camille isn’t a great choice after she got nerfed; what is the reason you chose her?

I don’t think she’s that bad. Her flaw would be weak laning, but honestly I think that in the later phase she is just the same as she used to be before the nerf. If the opponent plays some champions that is weak in the laning phase, then Camille would still be as powerful as before, so I don’t think she’s that bad.

What champion would you recommend for playing in the top lane these days?

These days I recommend playing Fiora, Kennen, and Jayce for dealers, and Galio and Gragas for tanks.

Could you please tell us about the importance of the Rift Herald in the 7.10 patch?

The Rift Herald in this case can absolutely destroy most of a turret, which I consider the same as taking down the whole turret. That’s why I think the Rift Herald is very important in the way it has great influence over snowballing in the game.

You’ve been well-known as "King Jajang". What do you enjoy eating these days?

I’ve been into eating any kind of meat, but if I were to pick my favorite one, I’d pick Spicy Stir-fried Chicken, it’s really good. I love it!

Ambition is known for his scary smiles which are used in memes. Did anything change after his marriage?

If I were to pick a change, he used to be worried about marrying, but since he doesn’t have to worry about it anymore, he seems lighthearted nowadays. So I think his marriage actually made him become better in gaming performance.

The new players displayed great gaming performances in the match between Longzhu Gaming and the Ever8 Winners. Is there anyone in particular you’re keeping your eye on?

Cepted from the Ever8 Winners was really good today. I believe that he can be a great mid laner as long as he trains hard.

Next week, you’ll be playing against Helper from Ever8, who once used to be on the same team, in the top lane. How do you feel about it?

Since we know a lot about each other, I believe that if we both any make mistakes, then whoever makes less mistakes will win.

Please share your resolution for this Summer Split.

For now, we had a fantastic start, but we won’t let our guards down since we still have a long way to go, and unlike with the Spring Split, we’ll do our best until the end.

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