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Black Desert Online

[BDO] Getting A Leg up on Competition: Maximizing villa buffs


In addition to food and elixir buffs, you can also augment your stats with villas, which only exist in Valencia. After purchasing a villa invitation, you can receive various buffs from NPCs inside the building.

Villa buffs come in diverse types, including AP and CC resistance, and last up to 180 minutes. Since these buffs offer a substantial stat increase for a long period of time, players participating in node and siege wars actively seek them out in order to maximize every advantage they can get.

When you rent a villa in an area of your choice, it’s mostly used as a place to restock. There are vendors inside the building who sell potions and buy trash items.

You can also use the villa to repair your gear and receive daily quests that reward contribution points and gold ingots. Each villa only hands out quests specific to its location, so you’ll have to buy an appropriate invitation for the grind spot where you wish to farm.

= Villa buffs and their effects

▲ Villa managers serve as daily quest givers, shops, and repairmen.

As was mentioned above, you’ll need to buy an invitation from an NPC near the villa’s entrance to gain access. An invitation is valid for 7 days, and you can freely use the facility during that time. You’ll need to shell out either 5 million Silver or five 10G Gold Ingots for an invitation.

You can buy a buff of your choice for a 1G Gold Ingot from an NPC inside a villa. Since the buffs available for purchase change on a daily basis, you should figure out beforehand which buff you need, as to prevent wasting your hard-earned money. Each buff has a 90 and 180-minute version, for a 1G and 3G Gold Ingot respectively.

▲ 10G Gold Ingots will net you 5 villa invitations.
▲ Villa buffs differ in prices depending on their durations and cost either one 1G or three 1Gs.

= Villa buffs sorted by each location and AP & survivability

◈ Killing two birds with one stone: Useful PvE villa buff tips

Villas are spread throughout Valencia, from its entrance to the eastern end across the desert. Some are close to cities and towns, while others are located near grinding spots.

Some new adventurers, who just arrived in Valencia, prefer the Bashim Habitat for its lax gear requirement. In this case, they can maximize their grinding efficiency by using Amir’s Villa, right next to the Bashim Habitat. Not only can they get additional experience with the appropriate buff, they can also more easily kill monsters with the AP buff.

For the Basilisk’s Lair, a popular grinding spot for the coveted Basilisk’s Belt, you can go use the nearby Kunid’s Villa to get the same benefits. You can also pick up a quest to kill basilisks in Kunid’s Villa. Since basilisks frequently use skills with knockdown, it’s a good idea to grab knockdown and bound resistance buffs from other villas.

There’s also the Cadry Ruins near Kunid’s Villa. Because the Cadry Chief Gatekeeper has a chance to drop one of the highly prized accessory, Serap’s Necklace, you may want to consider checking it out when you visit that particular villa.

You’re welcome to use villa buffs without caring about quests, because your buffs will persist through other grinding areas such as the Sausan Garrison and the Hasrah Ancient Ruins. If you’re planning to visit high level spots like Aakman and the Hystria Ruins, consider picking up a couple villa buffs if you can afford it.

▲ Gear-friendly Bashim Habitat is close to Amir's Villa.
▲ Kunid's Villa is located near Basilisk's Lair and Cadry Ruins.

◈ Squeezing out every competitive edge: Useful PvP villa buff tips

Players often use multiple villa buffs because they last for a long period of time, just like food buffs. Since buffs are highly valuable in PvP content such as node and siege wars, many people opt for 12 buffs from 3 villas. Among these villas, Kunid’s is widely accepted as the best one, with a few buffs from other places such as Atosa’s, Kiyak’s, Talia’s, and Dudora’s thrown in.

Using these villas, you can mix and match various buffs like AP & DP, maximum health, and ignore resistance. Out of these buffs, ignore grapple resistance is deemed the most valuable, which is why Kunid’s Villa is considered the most important. You can complement buffs from other villas in any way you see fit.

The most basic composition includes Kunid’s, Atosa’s, and Kiyak’s because the buffs from those places do not overlap while covering AP, DP, experience, resistance, and ignore resistance. Thus, many players prefer to use this one.

You can also replace Kiyak’s with other villas. Against classes with no grapple like the Witch, players use Talia’s to get ignore resistance in other areas. One caveat is that Talia’s experience buff overlaps with the Atosa one, which means you won’t get the maximum efficiency.

There’s also a possible route to use buffs from other places while only keeping Kunid’s. Some players are discouraged from using Atosa’s buffs because they have to trudge across a desert. In this case, you can travel through Shakatu to get buffs from Talia and Kiyak without having to visit Atosa. Additionally, you can substitute in Dudora for the max health buff.

▲ Most common route for villas.
▲ Characters without grapple opt for Talia for its ignore knockback resist buff.
▲ Going through Shakatu to avoid having to cross the desert.


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