One Point Lesson:recommended pre-Awakening skills&skill build for Strikers


The Striker, the 14th character in Black Desert Online, is a class with chain combos that are much smoother and easier to use compared to other characters. The Striker eliminates his targets with multiple consecutive skills, rather than with a single powerful skill.

The Striker has a variety of skills that can strengthen his chain combos. The most common combo is the [Crimson Fang] - [Flow: Explosive Strike] - [Chain: Deathblow] combo. Another useful combo is the [Knee Hammer] - [Flow: Rock Breaker] combo. These 5 skills make up the two most effective combos for the Striker.

If your gear is good enough, choose only the highly recommended skills until you reach level 56. A few highly recommended skills will be enough for grinding. If you are above level 56 and are trying to grind in high-level grinding spots, use Crowd Control skills in between the combos.

Guide to pre-Awakening combo available here



■ Complete Skill Tree



■ Highly recommended skills 

Crouching Wolf & Flow: Prey Hunt

- Attack Speed buff
- AoE skill that can pull the enemies towards you, which will help you grind much faster
- Use Shards of Fighting Spirit to gain additional Attack Speed buff and Crowd Control effects

Crimson Fang & Hidden Claws

- Primary combo
- Short cooldowns and fast combos
- Chain combo that can start from another combo
- The most effective & useful combo in PvE
- Critical hit rate buff and enemy DP decrease debuff
- Can also start another combo after

Knee Hammer & Flow: Rock Smash

- Another primary combo
- Super armor and Forward guard skills
- Crowd Control skills (Stiffness & Bound)
- Additional damage with Down Attack effect

Passive Skills

- Adds to the Striker’s strength and survivability
- Effective until endgame


■ Other Useful Skills 


- 100% critical hit rate, bound, and stun
- Easy key command
- Can start a combo easily

Somersault & Twisted Collision 

- Easy key command
- Massive damage and WP recovery

Roaring Tiger

- Recovers 300 HP when mastered, even when you miss
- Adds to the Striker’s survivability
- A good skill to end a combo
- Not a first-to-get skill, but gets more useful as level goes up

Flash Step & Silent Step

- Invincible while using the skills
- Cooldown is reduced to 4 seconds when mastered
- Adds to the Striker’s survivability a lot


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