[MSI2017] G2 Mithy: "This is the G2 that we wanted to be. No more memes and no more curse."


G2 Mithy feels that G2 redeemed themselves from 'curses and memes'

On May 21st (PDT) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; G2 Esports might have lose against SK Telecom T1 in the finals of Mid-Season Invitational 2017, but G2 still outperformed expectations by going to the finals of MSI 2017. Alfonso "Mithy" Aguirre Rodriguez did an interview after the match with Riot Games for a chance to talk about the match, their redemption and going forward.

Mithy felt that they had a chance against SKT, but they couldn't get there in the end.

"At first, we expected to get 0-3ed, but it felt like we could challenge them once we got into games. We weren't far off from winning, but we made more mistakes and they played teamfights better. We also didn't play very cleanly, so we lost the lead for a few games. It sucked."

However, losing games did not discourage G2 at all.

"We never stopped believing. Even as we lost Baron on Game 4, we still tried to make plays and hold the game. We even went ham on the top lane since we knew we had to make some risky plays. I think Game 3 was more problematic because we had the lead and then we blew it away."

When asked if MSI 2017 was G2's redemption, Mithy answered with how MSI 2017 was indeed redemption and a message to the world.

"I felt that we were redeemed after our semifinals match against Team WE and even taking a game off SKT.

This is the G2 that we wanted to be. There is no longer an 'international curse' and there are no longer memes - it's just us doing our best and working hard. Even if we didn't get through the group stage, I'd have felt proud of my team because I could feel the progress and everyone was working hard and caring [for the team].

I'm happy that the previous 'era' of G2 is over, and now we can look at G2 as a strong team trying make Europe proud. If we do poorly in the next split or the Worlds, that could be because we or Europe sucks - but it's not because we didn't work hard nor because of memes or curse. There are no memes, and there is no curse. We always do our best. The last time we failed, and this time we did well; either way, give us some slack."

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