LW Blue Saebyeolbe: "We actually spend more time on strategies than we do on gameplay"

On May 18th, LW Blue defeated MVP Space 3-1 in Overwatch APEX Season 3 Ro16. LW Blue is now in first place in Group C, with 2 wins and 0 loss.

Below is our post-match interview with Saebyeolbe who showed amazing gameplay with Tracer today.



How do you feel about winning today?

I feel great. I played to win, and I won. I saw this coming, to be honest.

Chances of moving on to the semifinals are good for your team.

We made it to the semifinals with 2 wins and 1 loss last season. I want to move on to the semifinals with 3 wins and 0 loss this time.

Would you like to add any comments on that triple support comp in Hollywood?

We actually spend more time on stratagies than we do on gameplay. The core idea is to always heal each other. Ana’s Biotic Grenade is the most important skill, in my opinion.

What happened after you lost Game 3?

We weren’t falling apart even though we lost Game 3. It seems harder to win this season since everyone got so much better. A reverse sweep is pretty common in APEX, so we tried our best to make sure that won’t be the case for us.

Would you like to add any comments on Janus and Luna’s hairdos?

I want to dye my hair too like Janus and Luna. I like their hair colors.

It seems like more and more players are playing Sombra.

We didn’t have much time to learn how to play Sombra well. Conbox first showed everyone how to play Sombra and other teams are trying out their strategies with Sombra too. I found out Sombra is a really good character. I want to learn how to play Orisa too.

Any comments regarding your next match?

Flash Lux is not one of the strongest teams, but I won’t let my guard down.

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