[MSI2017] SKT Head Coach cCarter: "Faker will do well, and he has to do well."


On May 18th, we interviewed Byung-hoon “cCarter” Choi, SK Telecom T1's head coach via telephone for a comment on the semifinals. He shared how much the team has been preparing for the semifinals, how Faker will do and who to look out for among Flash Wolves.

How do you think the match will go tomorrow?

I believe we have prepared enough. Flash Wolves are no strangers to us; they will be a good match for us because we won't let our guards down against them. We had to stay on our toes while preparing, and it's a matchup that we wanted to have. We've prepared a lot for this match, so we expect to do well tomorrow.

Aren't you worried that Flash Wolves has good record against Korean teams?

Not at all. We've both won and lost against Flash Wolves, but it's not a reason to be afraid of them. If anything, it's going to be a fun match.

Is there a player from FW that you are keeping an eye on?

Karsa has been doing great. I've also heard that he played a lot of ranked play in Korean server. I assume he is familar with the Korean style of League of Legends, so I expect him to do well against us.

Among SKT players, who do you think will do well in the next match?

Faker will do well, and he has to do well. I don't think he is in a good shape right now. Though, while he's been losing in laning phases recently, I don't think it's his fault entirely. I think he's been losing lanes just because he didn't get many turns; it's something that Faker had to endure for other lanes to get ahead. He prepared well for this matchup, so I'm not too worried about him.

What are your expectations for tomorrow's match?

We must not show any weaknesses nor make any mistakes. We cannot make mistakes if we want to show how dominant we are. Also, people think that Faker is not playing as well as he should be, so I consider the mid lane matchup to be important as well.

The other bracket will have G2 facing against WE. Who do you think will win?

I don't mind either way. I wouldn't mind facing either when we get to the finals, but honestly: I'm not sure who'll win. At the end of the Group Stage, I thought Team WE would have the upper hand; after doing scrims against both, I think they are pretty much equal. G2 might do surprisingly well in a best-of-five unlike how they have been before. Objectively speaking, WE seems to be the stronger team - but it's not a match that can be judged like that.

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