Kaiser on leaving RunAway "Nothing pains me more... I love you all."



On May 19th (KST), Sanghoon “Kaiser” Ryu posted an apology on Overwatch Inven KR regarding his recent departure from RunAway.

According to his post (in Korean), Kaiser put most of his cash prize towards repaying his debt, but his current financial situation is no better than before. “I know I shouldn’t leave my team in the middle of the season, but reality leaves me no other choice. The opportunity to play in a foreign team came, and I didn’t have much time to make a decision.”, Kaiser wrote in his post.

Playing in an amateur gaming team without any fixed salary was a lot to go through for Kaiser. In his post, Kaiser mentions his poor practice environment and how his mother had to work to support the family. Kaiser has always wanted to support his mother, and had been very conflicted on whether he should leave the team or not. “But then I saw the match against Kongdoo Uncia,” Kaiser mentioned, “and finally realized RunAway can still be successful without me.”

“I can’t even remember how many times I said sorry to Runner, and he was always there to support my decision,” Kaiser wrote. “Nothing pains me more than leaving Runner and the team like this. I’ve always been loyal to the team, and respected him,” Kaiser added, apologizing to his fans again for the main tank’s sudden departure.

Lastly, Kaiser mentioned every member of RunAway, wishing them the best. He apologized to every members for leaving the team and wished them luck for their future. Kaiser ended the post, saying “Whether you like me or not, I love you all.”

Kaiser showed some amazing Reinhardt plays in Overwatch APEX Season 2, and it has not yet been announced which team he will be transferring to. Runner, the head of the team, has mentioned in his personal stream that Kaiser’s contract with a foreign team will come to an agreement very soon. We can expect an official announcement regarding Kaiser’s transfer to be released soon.


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