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Community divided on mithy’s pause, possible bug on Renekton’s W?


It appears that mithy’s pause wasn’t due to Renekton’s supposedly bugged W ability.

On May 10th, the first day of the 2017 MSI Group Stage, G2 Esports requested a pause in the opening match against SKT T1. mithy paused the game just as Faker’s Syndra dodged Zyra’s Grasping Roots (E ability). The game resumed after checking with the on-site staff.

Regarding the pause, Korean communities mockingly remarked that mithy only paused the game because he wasn’t used to seeing Faker’s godlike jukes. Additionally, mithy tweeted his confusion about the public sentiment, followed by an equally ironic emoticon.

Patch 7.10 addressed the bug with Ruthless Predator.

Soon a new hypothesis gained traction. The 7.10 patch notes, which was released on the 17th, fixed a bug where the stun duration of Renekton’s Ruthless Predator (W ability) was shorter than intended. Some people speculated that mithy paused the game because the bug on Ruthless Predator’s lockout duration caused him to miscalculate the timing on Zyra’s E ability. Since G2 Esports’ top laner Expect was playing Renekton and landed a hit on Syndra with his W ability, the logic seemed sound.

After confirming with Riot Games, though, it was revealed that the duration bug on Renekton’s W ability was first noticed in version 7.9. Riot Games explained, “We checked with the on-site staff at the event, and they informed us that mithy requested a pause to raise questions about a possible bug on the target range of Zyra’s E ability.”

Ultimately, mithy’s pause was nothing more than a simple misunderstanding and confirmation bias. It does prove, however, that fans are quick to equate Faker’s godlike movement to something of a bugged phenomenon.


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