Top 5 Best & Worst Plays from the 2017 MSI Group Stage

Six teams competed in the Group Stage over a 5-day period to decide who would advance and who would go home, and now the MSI semifinals are just around the corner.

Since the top teams from each region gathered in one place, fans witnessed some of the best plays League has to offer as well as some baffling plays that you would certainly not expect from the supposed best teams in the world. Whether good or bad, the plays were certainly entertaining, and missing out on them is quite a shame.

But fear not, because we’ve done the legwork and compiled the quintessential bits that led up to the semifinals, so that even the busiest modern gamers can get their fill. In no particular order, here are the top 5 best and worst plays from the 2017 MSI Group Stage’s 30 matches.

▣ Best Plays

Group Stage Day 1: Team WE vs Flash Wolves

Notice how WE top laner 957’s Kled walks away (albeit with some scratches) from a barrage of attacks from three enemies. While he occupied the opponent’s attention, WE secured the Baron with a number advantage which put them ahead of FW.

Group Stage Day 5: SKT T1 vs Team WE

WE Xiye pulls mid Lucian against Faker. As if it weren’t enough to get an upper hand on Faker, Xiye makes it out alive after a successful tower dive.

Group Stage Day 3: G2 Esports vs GIGABYTE Marines

Perkz on Fizz jumps in the middle of GAM’s Baron attempt. Though he fails to steal Nashor, he picks off two enemy players and wiggles his way out alive with a timely use of Blast Cone.

Group Stage Day 1: GIGABYTE Marines vs TSM

TSM’s jungler Svenskeren tries to get a gank on GAM’s Stark, but with some clever jukes, Stark turns it back on the assailant. Twice.

Group Stage Day 5: TSM vs Flash Wolves

In the darkest hour, Bjergsen on Ahri dashes into the fray of FW to steal Elder Dragon. With the momentum on their side, TSM came back and got a win for themselves.


▣ Worst Plays

Group Stage Day 5: SKT T1 vs G2 Esports

It was a dominant victory for SKT, but maybe they got a bit cheeky. Bang’s pathing is too ambitious, and SKT pays the price as soon as he gets focused down by Shen’s taunt and loses the teamfight with nothing to show for it.

Group Stage Day 4: Flash Wolves vs SKT T1

After infiltrating SKT’s turf, FW mid laner Maple gets the jump on Faker with Blue. Faker turned out to be in too much of a hurry. He would have gotten away if he kept his cool, but he preemptively Flashed and failed to cross the wall.

Group Stage Day 4: TSM vs GIGABYTE Marines

Optimus on LeBlanc had his eyes on Hauntzer’s Renekton. Despite the admirable attempt, Renekton with two AP items is no joke. Optimus then makes the second mistake of trying to make up for it and gets squashed by Gromp; and let’s not mention Levi’s untimely death.

Group Stage Day 1: Flash Wolves vs G2 Esports

I got nothing to add here. At least Perkz didn’t chime in.

Group Stage Day 5: TSM vs SKT T1

Svenskeren’s major blunder. Though SKT forced his move, he could have lived. Instead, he picks a fight and dies. With so much riding on the jungler, TSM couldn’t beat the odds and ended up losing. You can read more about SKT’s ploy in my match analysis below.


▣ Honorable Mentions

Group Stage Day 1: Flash Wolves vs G2 Esports

Maple’s composure shines through. By going after G2’s support mithy, Maple completely fools Ivern, drawing the Mimic aside and acting like a decoy. As a cherry on top, Maple disappears with Distortion after disposing of mithy.

Group Stage Day 3: GIGABYTE Marines vs SKT T1

It definitely would’ve been a favorable teamfight for GAM if it weren’t for Bard’s one-way Magical Journey to oblivion. GAM fought better but ended up with the short end of the stick. Just, why?

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