Mango Factory Unveils New Gameplay Trailer and Kickstarter Details for Kumitantei: Old School Slaughter

Indie developer Mango Factory, renowned for their innovative game designs, has shared exciting updates on their highly anticipated horror card battler, Kumitantei: Old School Slaughter. Fans can now catch a sneak peek of the action in a newly released gameplay trailer, which also confirms the launch of the game’s Kickstarter campaign on September 24th.



Kumitantei: Old School Slaughter pays homage to the retro anime and pop culture of 1980s Japan. Drawing artistic inspiration from Rumiko Takahashi and narrative cues from Danganronpa, this game features meticulously hand-drawn visuals and a gripping horror storyline. Players will join sixteen high school students trapped in an apocalyptic bunker, manipulated by a sadistic overseer into a deadly psychological experiment. Stepping into the shoes of the timid barista Himari Sanada, players must investigate gruesome murders, build trust with fellow students, and unravel the sinister truth behind their confinement.


Card Battle Combat


Progressing through Kumitantei’s chilling narrative involves forming bonds, battling classmates, and solving complex mysteries. The game’s trust system provides strategic advantages in combat, where forging relationships and giving thoughtful gifts unlock new talent cards and combat perks. These intense 1-on-1 battles hinge on influencing your opponent; utilize Debate cards to exploit their weaknesses, present evidence, and deliver a decisive blow with The Final Word. Additional talent cards can be acquired to enhance your deck, and high trust levels with other students may offer pivotal advantages in battle.

Kickstarter Launching This Fall


Gamers eager to experience Kumitantei can watch the latest trailer to explore its unique characters, stunning art style, and dynamic card battle mechanics. The trailer also reveals details about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, which will run from September 24th to October 22nd. During this period, a demo of Kumitantei will be available for download, allowing players to get a firsthand look at the game’s captivating features.

Gameplay Features


  • Engage in a gripping murder mystery narrative: Solve intricate cases to uncover the truth.
  • Meet sixteen unique students: Navigate a deadly psychological experiment.
  • Build trust and investigate: Bond with classmates, investigate crime scenes, and reveal dark secrets.
  • Unlock rewards: Increase trust levels to gain special rewards and advantages.
  • Strengthen your deck: Purchase additional talent cards with in-game currency.
  • Leverage relationships in battles: Gain strategic advantages in card battles.
  • Experience fast-paced Card Debates: Enjoy retro minigames and 1980s anime-inspired visuals.


Stay tuned for more updates from Mango Factory as Kumitantei: Old School Slaughter gears up for its Kickstarter campaign and subsequent release. Don't miss the chance to support this thrilling project and immerse yourself in a world of retro horror and strategic card battles.

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