SuperPlanet Officially Releases “Otherworld Three Kingdoms”—The Three Kingdoms RPG of Enchanting Tales and Loyalty

SuperPlanet, the mobile game publisher, has announced the release of their latest idle
Three Kingdoms title, Otherworld Three Kingdoms: Idle RPG, to be officially available on
Google Play Store and Apple App Store from July 1.

The title features the notable generals of the Three Kingdoms era, which players can recruit
to form their unique squad, as well as powerful skills that can wipe out enemies, creating a
fast-paced and action-packed hack & slash experience. Players can immerse themselves
into the historical battlefields of the Three Kingdoms era to train their generals so they can
form the ultimate squad.

The story of Otherworld Three Kingdoms: Idle RPG begins when Ayoung Cho, a girl
obsessed with the story of the Three Kingdoms, suddenly finds herself in the Three
Kingdoms era. She wakes up at the end of the Han dynasty, where the Yellow Turban army
was prevalent. There, she has a fateful encounter with the legendary generals.
Otherworld Three Kingdoms Trailer



In Otherworld Three Kingdoms, players can watch the main protagonist wipe out the
battlefield with powerful, unique skills. Legendary generals, including Guan Yu, Lu Bu, and
Zhao Yun, will slash all enemies with their powerful AoE skills to add to the action. The main
character, in particular, can wield 6 types of active skills that utilize the power of the divine
beasts, where players can experience breathtaking visuals and power.


The different types of synergy effects in Otherworld Three Kingdoms let players experience
the sense of accomplishment in their growth. The first type of synergy is the growth synergy
between the player character and the generals. As players train their characters and the
generals, the different stats will overlap, enhancing the efficiency of the growth. The second
type is the formation synergy. Certain characters have special formation skills, which can
add bonus effects when added to the party. Different squads can be formed depending on
the type of battle, and strategies will be the key to making it out of a dangerous situation.



Outside the scope of the main stages, where the player follows the Three Kingdoms
timeline, an array of battlefield modes are also available. Battle in the PvP siege mode,
Tactics Match, to collect more resources for growth. You can also choose to enter the 4 daily
dungeons, or the Taotie’s Nest, where you must defeat Tao Tie with 7 of your generals, or
even the Conqueror’s Tomb, where you must duel the ancient general.

To celebrate the release, SuperPlanet has announced to reward players with Zhao Yun, a
legendary general, and 100 General Summon Tickets, just for signing in. More details about
the ongoing events can be found in the official community.

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