Wemade Presents MIR4 Fissured Magic Square and Secret Peak 11F Update

The Following was sent to Inven Global via press release.

  •  Monsters of up to Lv. 200 spawn in the Portal that allows players to obtain more rewards and EXP than before
  •  Meet the third Transference Equipment (TE) “Cheonpa’s Jade Ornamental Hairpin” which increases DEF when equipped
  •  Various items are provided through 5 events celebrating 1,000 days of service


Wemade’s MMORPG MIR4 rolls out Fissured Magic Square and Secret Peak 11F today (May 14).


Fissured Magic Square and Secret Peak 11F are parts of the Portal content; the higher the Power Score, the more rewards and EXP can be obtained. Both areas have monsters of up to Lv. 200 appearing. 


Players can enjoy the new content with new tickets to the areas. The new tickets can be crafted with existing tickets or bought from the Clan Shop.


The third TE “Cheonpa’s Jade Ornamental Hairpin” which increases DEF when equipped is also revealed in MIR4. “Cheonpa’s TE Box”, which contains a Jade Ornamental Hairpin and an Enhancement Stone, can be crafted with “Spacetime Powder” collected on the 11F.


In celebration of 1,000 days of service of Wemade’s MIR4, a total of 5 events including 1,000th Day Coin Exchange Shop, Forever and Ever 7-Day Check-in II, Clan Coin Exchange Shop, Divine Dragon's Blessing, and Divine Dragon's Surprise Gift. 


The event “1,000th Day Coin Exchange Shop" is held through Monday, May 27 in MIR4. Players can bring the 1,000th Day Coins gained from hunting to NPC “<1,000th Day Celebration> Gold Goblin” to exchange them for 1,000 Summon Tickets including “Dragon Material Summon Ticket” and “Spirit Stone Summon Ticket”, and items such as Yellow Dragon’s Secondary Weapons and Earrings that are of Epic grade. 


Meanwhile, the event “Forever and Ever 7-Day Check-in II” is also available during the same period. Various items such as “Epic Mystic Enhancement Stone” and “[L] Hunting Potion” are given out depending on the day of check-in. 


“Clan Coin Exchange Shop”, where players can purchase “[L] Blue Dragon Statue” and “[R] Skill Tome Selection Box” with coins they gained through clan activities, stays open until Tuesday, May 28.


Moreover, the event “Divine Dragon's Surprise Gift” happens on Tuesday, May 21. On the event day, items such as “[R] Promotion Material Box” and “Magic Square Ticket” are sent out 3 times via the Mail. The event “Divine Dragon's Blessing” allows players to give another try at combining items of the highest grade from previously failed attempts until Monday, June 10. 


From my battle, to our war! Detailed information on MIR4 can be found on the official website.

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