Seal: WHAT the FUN": A Whirlwind of Laughter and Competition Awaits!

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Step right into the colorful and chaotic world of "Seal: WHAT the FUN," an omniverse multiplayer party royale game designed to throw you into the thick of action and amusement. This dynamic game, presented by the awesome team at PLAYWITH Inc., is designed to accommodate up to 20 players in tight 10-minute bouts filled with diverse gameplay and unexpected twists. With the ability to customize characters with a variety of costumes and emo-effects, each session is as wild as it is thrilling.



On May 3rd, "Seal: WHAT the FUN" will launch in its Early Access version, available exclusively to those who have reserved their spot through the Steam Wishlist. In anticipation of this release, a tempting 25% sale on Steam invites players to secure their early access and get a glimpse of the exciting characters, maps, and mini-games that are waiting to be enjoyed. Each round, meticulously built to last about 3 minutes, promises to deliver intense engagement and sinister levels of fun, either solo or in team play modes.


As players explore the vivid world of "Seal: WHAT the FUN," they'll encounter a lineup of charismatic and exciting characters. From Rascal Rabbit, the stalwart hero from Seal's expansive universe, to Snowball, the goofy snowman with a carrot nose, each character is designed to bring a unique zest to the gameplay. These aren’t just game pieces; they're personalities that players can customize and evolve, dressing them with seasonal skins and special accessories to reflect their style or mood.



The game structure of "Seal: WHAT the FUN" is specially made to foster both competition and cooperation, bringing about a festive, high-energy party atmosphere that's accessible to players of all ages. Challenges range from dizzying free-for-alls to tactical team-based missions, ensuring that no two games are ever the same. Players can test their mettle in a variety of settings, including obstacle-laden courses and dynamic shooting mini-games, each designed to keep the blood pumping and the laughs going.


An immersive gaming experience is further enriched by an environment inspired by the lively Waterbomb Festival, famous throughout Asia. This event transports players to an aquatic-themed celebration, complete with a specially curated soundtrack that complements the splashing good times. The vivid, festival-like setting is more than just a backdrop; it's a central part of the game that enhances the overall mood and injects a sense of real-world festivity into the digital playground.



"Seal: WHAT the FUN" is poised to redefine party gaming with a perfect blend of disarray and charm, inviting players to lose themselves in a world where fun is the main agenda. As Early Access launches, be among the first to jump onto this colorful stage, where the party never stops, and every game is a chance to showcase your flair and wit. Ready to start the fun? Add "Seal: WHAT the FUN" to your wishlist and prepare for an unforgettable gaming adventure!

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