Vortex Gaming collaborates with ArcheWorld, offers total reward of 60,000 BSLT


Gaming media outlet, INVEN (CEO: Seo Hyung-joon) announced on the 11th that its web3 subsidiary, Vortex Gaming, will collaborate with ArcheWorld by XLGames in a special event.


Vortex Gaming is a content-based gaming community that provides optimized services for web3 games. It supports various global gaming social media services and guild functions based on different games. Vortex Gaming aims to break the boundaries of user perception of existing web3 games by providing reliable professional content based on various topics such as games and in-game economic systems.


The collaboration event will run for two weeks and offer a total reward of 60,000 BSLT (BlueSalt). It consists of seven missions. Upon completing all missions, users can obtain the 'BSLT Pendant,' a collaboration item available in Vortex Gaming. By completing the login mission five times, users can acquire the 'ArcheWorld Yata Headset.' Furthermore, every Wednesday during the event period, 30 users who own the BSLT Pendant will be selected through a draw to receive 1,000 BSLT each.

The missions that can be performed in the collaboration event are as follows:


  • Follow the ArcheWorld channel
  • Share an ArcheWorld post
  • Like an ArcheWorld post
  • Enter ArcheWorld nickname / registration email / wallet address
  • Post a screenshot of an ArcheWorld mount
  • Post a screenshot of a Lv.10 or above ArcheWorld character
  • Log in five times during the event period


ArcheWorld is the first seamless open-world PC MMORPG that applies blockchain technology and NFTs. ArcheWorld recognizes users' ownership of land and equipment items by tokenizing them as NFTs. It features BSLT tokens as an in-game currency, allowing users to generate profits through content play.


With remarkable achievements made in challenging external market environments, ArcheWorld has gained attention as a blockchain game project capable of stable and continuous revenue generation based on sophisticated tokenomics and gameplay. It has begun to garner word-of-mouth popularity and is now firmly established as a project that continues to grow steadily, accompanied by a constant influx of new users.


The collaboration event is scheduled to take place from April 11th to April 24th, and more detailed information about the event can be found through Vortex Gaming (https://bit.ly/43KUarM).

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