T1 kkOma: "DDoS attacks can be considered a criminal act, and they disrupt our practice even when we're not streaming."


T1 concluded the regular season of the 2024 LCK Spring Split with an uncontested 2-0 victory over DRX, securing the second-place finish in the season. As a result, T1 advanced directly to the second round of the playoffs. After the match, head coach Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun and bot laner Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong joined the media for an interview.



How do you feel about finishing second in the regular season?


kkOma: We finished the regular season in second place with a victory today. I am satisfied and will focus on preparing for the playoffs.


Gumayusi: It was a game that could determine our second place and boost our performance ahead of the playoffs, so I'm happy that we won 2-0.


You have some time before your first playoff match in round 2. What areas do you plan to improve?


kkOma: We will review the games we lost before and prepare for the playoffs. Since the patch will change from the playoffs onwards, we also plan to reorganize our tiers accordingly. Proper condition management is also crucial, so we'll make sure to handle it well.


Gumayusi: We'll focus on managing our condition as well as improving our vision for the game. We’ll also practice teamfight mechanics.


The playoffs will be on patch 14.6. How do you feel about it for T1?


kkOma: Personally, I view it positively. I think Faker is the best Azir player. It's good that the global ban on Azir is lifted. Even if the opponent utilizes Azir, we're confident in facing it.


Gumayusi: There's no meta that favors or disadvantages us. It seems that crit-based marksmen are getting buffed, so if we improve our team fighting, we should show a good performance.


T1 has suffered greatly from DDoS attacks.


kkOma: Personally, I think T1 suffers the most from DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks can be considered a criminal act, and they disrupt our practice even when we're not streaming. We can't even imagine playing solo queue. It's a pity.


Gumayusi: I think the people conducting DDoS attacks are seeking attention, and they target T1 because it's a popular and well-known team. It's very sad when it disrupts our practice. I hope there won't be such incidents during the preparation for the playoffs.


Faker celebrated his 11th anniversary.


Gumayusi: I think his self-management is truly remarkable, and maintaining a mindset of enjoying the game might be the key to his longevity.


kkOma: Consistency is Faker's secret. He's a player who hasn't changed much from before.


Any last comments?


kkOma: I'm always grateful to the fans. I appreciate the players who work hard despite the difficulties, and the staff who provide generous support. We'll do our best.


Gumayusi: I think the fans' greatest wish is for us to win the championship, so I'll work hard to win.

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