LCK introduces offline game server at LoL Park


On Mar. 13, Lee Jeong-hoon, the Secretary General of LCK, announced, "We have recently introduced an offline game server at LoL Park that is not affected by external networks." Previously, LCK had been using dedicated online servers for tournaments.


The reasons behind LCK's use of online servers were numerous, including ▲real-time response and management in case of issues ▲reduced risk of hardware failure due to aging ▲batch processing of game updates and bug fixes ▲providing stable practice environments for teams, etc.


However, following consecutive DDoS attacks that hindered the smooth progress of the league, LCK decided to minimize exposure to external attacks by introducing offline servers within LoL Park.


Lee stated, "Various short-term measures, such as bringing offline servers into LoL Park, have already been implemented, and we are currently considering more robust security systems for the long term." He added, "We will strive not only to ensure stable game progress and tournament broadcasting but also to secure sustainability for future generations to enjoy."


Following the DDoS attacks, LCK, which had been conducting recorded broadcasts, will switch to live broadcasts without an audience starting from Week 8 on Mar. 13. If the live broadcasts without an audience proceed smoothly, Week 9, the final week of the regular season, is scheduled to open LoL Park for normal operations.

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