KDF Cuzz: "CvMax told us to focus on the essence because it seemed like our plays didn't match the compositions we drafted."


On Mar. 2, in the 2024 LCK Spring Split, Kwangdong Freecs defeated Nongshim RedForce 2-1 and halted their 3-game losing streak. The Players of the Games were jungler Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan and bot laner Song “Bull” Seon-gyu, and they joined Yoon Soo-bin for a post-match interview.



You've ended the 3-game losing streak. How do you feel?


Cuzz: It was tough going through a 3-game losing streak, but I'm happy we broke it today. We need to prepare even harder from now on.


Bull: We had a bad record with the 3-game losing streak, so for this game, we talked a lot more with teammates and prepared diligently.


There should have been efforts to lift the team's spirits after falling into a losing streak. What feedback did you receive?


Cuzz: CvMax told us to focus on the essence because it seemed like our plays didn't match the compositions we drafted. We were told to do better.


Today, Cuzz, you played Sejuani after a long time. You either banned her or gave her to the opponents, but this time, you picked her yourself. How did the draft process go?


Cuzz: We didn't regard Sejuani highly during our preparations, but after the losing streak, we reconsidered picking her. So, we brought her out again, and since she's a pick I'm confident with, I was prepared.


You chose the Unsealed Spellbook rune for Sejuani. It's the first appearance in the LCK. What were your intentions?


Cuzz: I've played a lot of Sejuani with Aftershock, but I found some drawbacks with that rune for Sejuani's characteristics and playstyle. After switching to Unsealed Spellbook, it seemed much better, so I used it.


Bull, you faced Zeri three games in a row. How did you plan to deal with it?


Bull: The Varus vs. Zeri matchup occurred frequently, so I thought it would be crucial to decisively win against Zeri in the laning phase. Also, considering the composition, picking Varus and Ashe seemed favorable, so we went with that.


What are your thoughts on the Varus vs. Zeri matchup, Bull?


Bull: Different teams may have different perspectives. Both Varus and Zeri have their own advantages. I think it depends on which pick suits the team's style better.


The next opponent for Kwangdong is T1. How will you prepare?


Cuzz: I think T1 is a really strong opponent. We can't always win, so even if we lose, I think we should treat it as a game where we can learn a lot. Still, I'll do my best to win. Please cheer for us.


Bull: We've gained and learned a lot during our recent losing streak. After today's game, we'll prepare well for the T1 match by addressing our weaknesses.

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