T1 Gumayusi: "I still have some lingering holiday syndrome..."


Feb. 15, in the 2024 LCK Spring Split, T1 faced Dplus KIA. The well-rounded performance of the entire team led T1 to a clean 2-0 victory against Dplus KIA. Following the match, T1 head coach Kim "kkOma" Jeong-gyun and bot laner Lee "Gumayusi" Min-hyeong visited the press room for an interview.



You’ve climbed to the top with 6 consecutive wins. Thoughts?


kkOma: I consider it fortunate that we secured a victory today with the new version. It would be great if we can continue the winning streak, but my main focus will be on doing my best to maintain our performance.


Gumayusi: I still have some lingering holiday syndrome, [Laughs] but I came here thinking that I need to focus and do well today, so I feel good about winning and getting on top of the standings.


How bad is your holiday syndrome?


Gumayusi: [Laughs] It isn’t that bad. It usually lasts for about three days, but there's a bit of a longing for my non-professional state. I had a fun time during the break.


kkOma: Personally, I didn't notice any holiday syndrome at all from the sidelines. Gumayusi did great.


You had a bold Ashe first pick and made an overwhelming difference game 1. How did you research the 14.2 patch?


kkOma: Teams looked into champions like Karma and Twisted Fate that were buffed, so we focused on practicing and assessing their performance as well. At the end of the day, the game is to destroy the opponent’s Nexus, so we tried to come up with good compositions.


(To Gumayusi) You would have to agree for the team to pick a double-ADC bot duo. Did you talk it over with Keria?


Gumayusi: I think the bot duo matchup is important, and there wasn't much change in the meta for the bot lane. We confidently brought out the double-carry strategy that we were already good at.


In yesterday’s match, the teams each took Senna and Lucian. Today, T1 banned both and had a different strategy. Was it specifically to face DK or did you think it was better to play without them?


Gumayusi: We always prepare strategies tailored to each team. We try to create a playstyle that we are good at and that the opponents don't like.


In game 2, you were far behind in kills, but overcame the situation through macro. At what point did you feel you had the advantage?


Gumayusi: The laning phase for us didn’t flow quite as we wanted it to, but I didn't think it was a complete disaster. I thought our composition was solid and something we liked, so I thought if we managed mid-to-late game macro well, we would be okay.


You've reached the top for the first time this season. How do you feel about that?


kkOma: Honestly, becoming first place is a bit burdensome for me. I'm happy that the fans will be pleased to see us in first place. But I need to remain vigilant, continue to prepare well, maintain good performance, and show a good image.


Do you think the remaining matches in the first round will go smoothly?


kkOma: Today's match was the first after the patch, so I was personally a bit scared. As for our remaining matches, we could lose due to even the smallest mistake, so I want to continue preparing well and maintain the winning streak.


In game 1, the opponent picked Pyke. It's not a champion that comes out often. What did you think would happen to the bot lane?


Gumayusi: We thought our bot lane was largely favorable, and Pyke wasn't a particularly burdensome pick for us.


In game 2, you engaged in a team fight despite allowing many deaths and got an ace. The kill score was 0-7 and you were being pushed back. Didn't you feel disadvantaged?


Gumayusi: We didn't worry too much about the overall kill count. There's an expression that says "dying deliciously." A lot of deaths we suffered were like that. Our Orianna and Aatrox were doing well on the sides, so we didn't pay much attention to the kill score.


You should have played a lot of games in the changed Rift now. Do you think you're fully adapted?


Gumayusi: Looking at the Rift before the change feels completely foreign to me now because we practiced so much, so I'm completely adapted to it now.


Any last words?


kkOma: Thank you to the fans who always support us. Thank you to the hardworking players, coaching staff, and supportive front office.


Gumayusi: There are only two games left in the first round. Time flies so fast. I'll finish the first round well.

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