Locations of all Wandering Merchants and Black Marketeers in Palworld


Exploring Palpagos Island, you'll come across various merchant NPCs and a few villages. You can encounter merchants like Pal Merchants, Wandering Merchants, and Black Marketeers, sometimes accompanied by guards. These merchants sell and buy various necessary items and Pals. The following map shows the coordinates of all the merchants on Palpagos Island. Sometimes, entrances may be hidden, in which case, the coordinates are marked with a house symbol.


▲ Locations of all merchants on Palpagos Island whose coordinates are fixed


Wandering Merchants

Wandering Merchants sell various items needed for production and various schematics. Through them, you can purchase materials you're lacking. Aside from production materials, they sell remedies for various ailments suffered by Pal working in bases, so you don't need to bother making them yourself if you purchase them. Important materials available for purchase from them include Wool, Leather, Bone, Horn, Electric Organ, and Flame Organ. There are also Pal Merchants who insist their trade is legal.



Black Marketeers


Black Marketeers buy and sell Pals. When your Palbox is overflowing with Pals, you can visit Black Marketeers to sell them. This is particularly useful when you need space after breeding a lot of Pals. Additionally, if the Pals they sell have useful passive skills, you can buy them to use as parents. Black Marketeers also sell pals that are caught from the Wildlife Sanctuary, so you can get your hands on rarer Pals early.


Village Merchants


Palpagos Island has three villages where residents live. The first one you'll typically encounter is Small Settlement. At the Wandering Merchant in the Small Settlement, you can buy early-game essentials like Wool, Leather, Bone, Horn, and Seeds.


Later on, the merchants in villages like Fisherman’s Point or Duneshelter sell higher-end items including High-Quality Pal Oil. Especially, merchants wearing green clothes also sell various ammo and heat/cold-resistant items. Since the price of ammo isn't burdensome, these merchants are very useful.



Capturing Merchants


In Palworld, humans can also be captured in spheres. Therefore, merchants can also be captured, which makes it even more convenient to use them. However, attacking merchants in villages will trigger a wanted order, and they will fight back along with guards. In single-player mode, you can place them in the Viewing Cage, and in multiplayer, you can store them in the Palbox and summon them as needed. Naming them after the items they sell makes it easier to sort.


Black Marketeers can also be captured. Capturing them will reward you with Gold Keys and a large amount of Gold. When you butcher Black Marketeers, they provide additional Gold and Gold Keys. When attacked, Black Marketeers will start firing machine guns, which can be quite powerful. However, using Hanging Traps and Campfires allows you to capture them without taking any damage.


▲ Black Marketeers pull out a Gatling Gun and starts shooting when attacked
▲ By using a trap and toasting them with a campfire, you can capture them without any damage

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