How to get Frostallion Noct in Palworld


Frostallion Noct is the only Pal in Palworld that cannot be captured directly. It shares the same appearance as Frostallion but with different colors and a Dark attribute. Additionally, it is the only Pal with Lv. 4 Gathering. It can be ridden just like Frostallion, with the same speed. While mounted, the player's attacks become Dark type and Dark type attacks are enhanced.


To obtain Frostallion Noct, one must first capture the legendary Pal Frostallion. Then, breeding Frostallion with Helzephyr will result in Frostallion Noct. There are no other methods to obtain it besides breeding Frostallion Noct with Frostallion Noct.


Parent 1 Parent 2 Child



Frostallion Noct


Frostallion Noct


Frostallion Noct

▲ Currently, the only way is to breed Frostallion and Helzephyr


Typically, Pal species with Alpha variants have significantly higher stats when used for combat. However, since Frostallion Noct does not have an Alpha variant, players often focus on breeding for passive skill development. This allows players to obtain Lucky and Legend passive skills simultaneously.


The Mount Saddle for Frostallion Noct is unlocked at Lv. 48. If players are at a level where they can capture Frostallion, they can easily craft the saddle and mount Frostallion Noct without much difficulty.

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