Best mining spots and base locations in Palworld

In Palworld, you can build up to three bases. Typically, when starting out, players often establish their basic base near the Plateau of Beginnings. However, when building the second and third bases, they do so with various purposes in mind.


There are several considerations to take into account when building a base, depending on its intended purpose. For a resource supply base, the area should be rich in resources, and ideally, flat terrain is preferred to prevent Pals from getting stuck. Additionally, if raids are active, finding terrain that allows for secure defense against raids is essential.


For most players, the first base is utilized as a production base supplying various production facilities and food. The second base is located where they can mine Ore and Coal. The utility of the third base varies, but it’s efficient to use it as a breeding farm. Furthermore, another approach is to keep two production bases and utilize the third base by building it and taking it down whenever specific resources are needed. Below are some location coordinates suitable for establishing bases.

Locations for Production/Breeding


One of the most important points for a production base is a spacious and flat terrain. Because the AI of Pals is not particularly sophisticated, they often get stuck while moving around. To prevent this, it's best to build the base in areas with as flat terrain as possible. Naturally, flat terrain is also convenient for efficiently constructing production facilities. Another consideration is whether the terrain is conducive to defense against raids. Terrain that is not conducive to raid defense, even if flat and spacious, can be vulnerable to attacks from multiple directions, making base maintenance difficult.


The same applies to a base for breeding. It should be located in a spacious and flat area where invasion is difficult, ensuring that Pals can stay in the Breeding Farm stably. Since breeding bases only require external supplies of Cake and food, there is no need to build separate food or production facilities. On a side note, when placing a Breeding Farm, you shouldn’t place it too close to the edge to keep the Pals from wandering off.



A spacious and flat area surrounded by cliffs. It’s close to the respawn point, making it an extremely useful starting base. Raid invaders wander below the cliffs as there is no entrance, making them turn back. Additional Ore is located just below the cliff, making it the perfect starting point for easy Ore supply in the early stages.


80, -435


An open field located east of the Desolate Church. It has several rocks and Ore, which is valuable in the early stages, with a flat terrain. With only one entrance, it's easy to defend. Although somewhat distant from the spawn point, it's suitable for use as a second or third base in the later stages.


-130, -710


A spacious field located on a high ground near one of the Respawn locations. It features rocks and Ore, with only one entrance, making it very easy to defend. Being close to the Respawn point, it's suitable for use as the first base.

-185, -540


A wide open area with several metal ores and scattered rocks. There’s also a Skill Fruit tree. The entrance is somewhat wide, requiring attention to placement. While not entirely flat, it's a useful location.



An open area with Ore. With only one direction for entry, it's easy to defend. The terrain is not entirely flat, requiring attention to placement.


-80, 195


A terrain resembling a fortress, perfect for use as a late-game base. The large circle precisely matches the range of the base. It seems like a spot designed by the developers for building a base. Four treasure chests respawn here.

Locations for Resources


The most important aspect of a resource base is, of course, the resources themselves. Apart from automatically obtainable resources like Wood or Stone, the abundance of Ore, Coal, Sulfur, etc., is crucial. In a resource base, it's advisable to focus solely on resource gathering to prevent Pals from engaging in other tasks. Building Wooden Chests in proper locations can optimize the workflow of Pals. Of course, Pal Beds and Feed Boxes should also be constructed, and food delivery should be arranged directly from the food production base.


180, -40


The prime location for resource supply. There are 8 Ore deposits and 5 Coal deposits. However, the terrain is not ideal, so it's best used exclusively for resource gathering.


-30, -170


With 8 Ore deposits and 1 Coal deposit, it's a useful location for a second base focused on resource supply. A Skill Fruit tree is also located here.


10, -530


A terrain with 7 Ore deposits surrounded by hills, so there are no entry points, making it safe from raids as one would have to fly or climb to reach it.


-75, -320


An area with a whopping 10 Ore deposits and only one entry path on the left. It's one of the best locations to utilize as a second base for Ore mining.


310, -30


There are 6 Ore deposits in this area, with a Sulfur deposit further back. Although the terrain isn't entirely flat, it's convenient for a secondary resource base. There's also a terrain with Coal just a short distance away in the next coordinates.


290, -20


A Coal mining location is directly behind the above coordinates. With 6 Coal deposits, it's excellent for mining.


-770, -670


A location far to the southwest with 8 Ore deposits. One needs to wear Heat Resistant clothing to access it.


310, 500


A Coal mine located at the summit of a desert. Positioned atop a mountain, it also features a Skill Fruit tree.


-200, 250


A site in the snowy mountains where Pure Quartz can be mined. Since Pure Quartz usually isn't needed in large quantities, it's best to mine it only when necessary.


-600, -510


A location near the Eternal Pyre Tower where Sulfur can be mined. There are a total of 8 Sulfur deposits, but it's not possible to place a base to encompass all of them within its range.

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