[Palworld] Best pals to use for base production


When constructing a base and automating production with pals, there are pals that excel in each category. Let's explore pals that are highly effective for each category, from Mining to Lumbering, Planting, and more.




With a Logging Site and adjacent storage, wood supply becomes infinite, making the Lumbering level less crucial.


Bushi - Lumbering Lv. 3

Eikthyrdeer - Lumbering Lv. 2

Mossanda - Lumbering Lv. 2




Pals with Mining abilities can extract stones, ores, coal, sulfur, and pure quartz. Note that ores require Mining level 2 or higher, and coal requires Mining level 3 or higher.


Astegon - Mining Lv. 4

Anubis - Mining Lv. 3

Dumud - Mining Lv. 2

Tombat - Mining Lv. 2


Digtoise - Mining Lv. 3* (*Digtoise currently has a bug that reduces efficiency during mining. If the bug is fixed, it is expected to be highly efficient. Crafting a saddle and utilizing Partner Skill can significantly speed up mining.)


▲ Digtoise is currently bugged


Planting & Gathering


Utilizing pals who have both Planting and Gathering skills is advisable, as this ensures a steady supply of food for working pals.


Verdash - Planting Lv. 2, Gathering Lv. 3

Petallia - Planting Lv. 3, Gathering Lv. 2

Lyleen - Planting Lv. 4, Gathering Lv. 2




The number of items carried at once differs based on their Transporting level. However, higher levels don't always translate to better efficiency. Smaller, faster pals tend to be more versatile.


Wumpo - Transporting Lv. 4

Helzephyr - Transporting Lv. 3

Anubis - Transporting Lv. 2

Killamari - Transporting Lv. 2




Pals assisting with manual crafting within the base are highly helpful when crafting items like Pal Spears in large quantities.


Anubis - Handiwork Lv. 4

Lunaris - Handiwork Lv. 3

Lyleen - Handiwork Lv. 3

Verdash - Handiwork Lv. 3




Watering is essential for growing crops and operating the Crusher. The pal with the highest Watering level is Jormuntide, but due to its large size, lower-level pals are often preferred.


Jormuntide - Watering Lv. 4

Azurobe - Watering Lv. 3

Surfent - Watering Lv. 2

Penking - Watering Lv. 2


▲ Jormuntide is really big, and it often gets stuck




Kindling is crucial for crafting Charcoal and Ingots. Utilizing pals with higher Kindling levels significantly speeds up crafting. Like Watering, Jormuntide Ignis has the highest Kindling level, but due to its size, smaller pals may be more useful.


Jormuntide Ignis - Kindling Lv. 4

Ragnahawk - Kindling Lv. 3

Wixen - Kindling Lv. 2

Arsox - Kindling Lv. 2


Generating Electricity


Having just one pal with Generating Electricity is usually sufficient. Rayhound is often deployed alone due to its single Work Suitability for Generating Electricity.


Orserk - Generating Electricity Lv. 4

Grizzbolt - Generating Electricity Lv. 3

Relaxaurus Lux - Generating Electricity Lv. 3

Rayhound - Generating Electricity Lv. 2


Medicine Production


Since Medicine Production is not that frequently utilized, it's recommended to include the pal in the party when needed.


Lyleen - Medicine Production Lv. 3

Vaelet - Medicine Production Lv. 3

Katress - Medicine Production Lv. 2

Elizabee - Medicine Production Lv. 2




Although Cooling is only used for the Cooler Box, it is crucial for food preservation. Deploying just one pal that only has Cooling is generally sufficient.


Frostallion - Cooling Lv. 4

Ice Reptyro - Cooling Lv. 3

Ice Kingpaca - Cooling Lv. 3

Foxcicle - Cooling Lv. 2




All Farming traits are Lv. 1, and each pal produces different items. Pals with Farming traits are Beegarde, Caprity, Chikipi, Cremis, Flambelle, Lamball, Mau, Mau Cryst, Melpaca, Mozzarina, Sibelyx, Vixy, and Woolipop. Specific items produced by each pal in the Ranch will be covered in a separate guide.


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