Wemade Presents Event “Divine Dragon’s Feast” Celebrating MIR M’s First Anniversary of Official Launch

The following was sent to Inven Global via press release.


  • Gifts are available including “Divine Dragon’s Scroll” which allows players to reattempt obtaining Avatars and Companions of Treasure grade and above via Combine
  • Events are prepared for crafting items such as “Epic Armor Scroll” and “Superior Avatar Summoning Ticket”
  • A total of 9 Companions are newly added, which increase accuracy, HP, and more when equipped

The event “Divine Dragon’s Feast” of Wemade’s MMORPG MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond (MIR M) began on January 23 celebrating the first anniversary of MIR M’s official launch.


The event “Divine Dragon's Scroll” from MIR M continues through Tuesday, February 20. During the event period, all players are provided with “Combine Retry Scroll” and “Gear Restoration Scroll” via check-in events. Players get to reattempt combining where they can give a try at obtaining Avatars and Companions of Treasure grade and above when they use “Combine Retry Scroll.” They can also restore destroyed gear with “Gear Restoration Scroll.”


Moreover, “Operation Monster Dungeon Raid II” opens during the same period. Players can summon Boss Monsters using the “Boss Demonic Stone” they obtained from “Sealed Tower”, “Phantasmic Mystic Realm”, and “Forsaken Tower” and defeat them to receive “Monster's Token II.” The token can be used for crafting items such as “Relic Grade New Skill Tome Selection Chest” and “Epic Armor Scroll.”


Players can also participate in the event “Nachal's Secret Feast” until Tuesday, February 6. Level 40 and above characters can obtain “First Anniversary Token” from hunting monsters spawning in the “Nachal's Secret Feast” event dungeon. The token can be crafted into various items including “Superior Avatar Summoning Ticket” and codex items that increase accuracy, evasion, and other stats.


In addition, the event “New and Returning Dragonians Are Always Welcome” and two check-in events that give out plenty of items such as “Growth Draught” when logging in are waiting for new and returning players.


MIR M has added a total of 9 new Companions that are of grade Relic, Epic, and Divine Creature. Players can have their stats such as accuracy, HP, and defense boosted after summoning and equipping the Companions.


More information on MIR M is available on the official website.

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