FOX Ryu: "The red side might face disadvantages in the bot lane, but with a careful draft, it can be mitigated."


In the riveting clash of the 2024 LCK Spring Split on Jan. 20, FearX emerged victorious against OK BRION with a resounding 2-0 triumph. Following the season's first win, FearX head coach Yoo "Ryu" Sang-wook and bot laner Park "Hena" Jeung-hwan joined the press room for an interview.



Congratulations on the First Win. How do you feel about the victory?


Ryu: The win was relatively smooth, and it feels good. Especially since many of the weaknesses we displayed in our first game didn't surface much this time, I'm satisfied.


Hena: I think it was a crucial match, and winning it feels great.


Brand — a rare sight in the league, especially in the jungle role. What led to this pick?


Ryu: We needed an AP champion, and we anticipated that the opponent would struggle against Brand. So, we picked him, and it worked out well.


How was it facing your former team?


Hena: It was the most nervous game I've ever played as a pro. Despite trying not to let it get to me, the fact that we know each other well added to the tension.


With a 1-1 record in the first week, what are your goals for the season in terms of rankings or performance?


Ryu: Our goal for this season is to secure a playoff spot steadily. To achieve this, we are practicing in various ways.


Hena: I think our bot lane is performing exceptionally well. If we can capitalize on our skills well, aiming for a place within the All-LCK 3rd team seems plausible.


Since the addition of Execute, things seem promising. How is the synergy building up?


Ryu: We identified a need for vocal presence in our team, and Execute, with his aggressive playstyle, filled that void. If we refine the details between teammates, especially between the AD Carry and the jungle, he has the potential to become an excellent player.


Hena: When I first played with Execute, there were some mismatches and uncertainties, but he accepts feedback well and has a lot of room for improvement. I believe he is a valuable support.


The upcoming match against Hanwha Life Esports seems challenging. How are you approaching it?


Ryu: Watching their games this week, I think they are a team that performs exceptionally well. If we approach the game conventionally, it might be challenging for us. By researching and finding ways to gain advantages through the draft, we can have a chance at victory.


In the changed Summoner's Rift, is the blue side advantageous, or is the red side more favorable?


Ryu: Each side has its merits. However, the red side might face disadvantages in the bot lane, but with a careful draft, it can be mitigated. In that regard, the red side drafting can be a bit challenging.


Hena: Personally, I feel more comfortable on the Blue side.


Hena, when playing on the Red side, do you feel pressure regarding the back pathway?


Hena: When I feel pressure there, it usually means unfavorable situations started from the laning phase. If things go south, the pressure feels more intense than expected.


Any last comments?


Ryu: I'm pleased that we showcased a strong performance compared to the first game. We'll work even harder to return with an improved and stronger performance.


Hena: Winning the game cleanly feels great, but I want to do even better. I'll continue to develop and come back stronger.

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