[Inven Awards] Baldur's Gate 3 Wins Game of the Year


The choice of Inven users and judges was Baldur's Gate 3, leading the resurgence of CRPGs. Last 15th, Inven unveiled the 2023 Inven Game Awards online ceremony through its official channel. The Inven Game Awards, reorganized under a new name in 2023 with a significantly expanded user voting section, directly announced the winners in various categories through a video.


On this day, a total of 21 winners were announced, including the highest-rated category, Game of the Year, as well as 13 user voting categories and 8 critic categories. The Inven Game Awards selected candidates from a total of 75 games released or playable by the judging panel from November 16, 2022, to October 15, 2023.



Particularly, several works nominated for Game of the Year proved their excellence by securing nominations in four categories, including the highly successful franchise's new release, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the remake of the survival horror masterpiece that gained attention, Biohazard RE:4, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which surpassed the limits of open-world action-adventure, the new story of the masterpiece series, Final Fantasy XVI, the most talked-about new IP earlier this year, Hi-Fi Rush, and Hogwarts Legacy, which splendidly expanded the Harry Potter universe.


Furthermore, domestically successful games that led in the global market, Dave the Diver, and Lies of P, also secured nominations in four categories, leaving a significant impression as their development studios were nominated in the studio section.

Best Graphic


Recently, the latest creation from Insomniac Games, Marvel's Spider-Man 2, which has achieved remarkable success at PlayStation Studios and set numerous records as a superhero game, was recognized as the game that showcased the most outstanding graphics. While the previous installment also featured impressive graphics, this latest release, exclusively for PS5, fully utilized the hardware capabilities, demonstrating excellence in technical aspects such as ray tracing.


James Stevenson, Community Director at Insomniac Games, expressed gratitude to the PS5 players in Korea. He also took pride in the team's accomplishments and thanked the support from the Korean gaming community.


- Dave the Diver

- Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

- Biohazard RE:4

- Final Fantasy XVI

- Lies of P


Best Sound Design


A game that cannot be overlooked in the survival horror genre, Dead Space, is a title that serves as a remake of the popular work of the same name. Particularly, the game applied advanced spatial audio, different from the original development, and boldly made adjustments based on user feedback to address any concerns that existing fans might have felt.


Expressing his thoughts on the award, Director Eric Baptizat emphasized the importance of sound in creating the surrounding environment and a sense of fear. He also conveyed his joy in knowing that their efforts were resonating with both fans and the industry through the Inven Game Awards Sound Design category win.


- Dead Space

- Biohazard RE:4

- Street Fighter 6

- Theatrythm Final Bar Line

- Hi-Fi Rush


Best Game Music


Various soundtracks naturally come to mind when discussing the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy XVI specifically preserved and rearranged the unique themes and features used in the game, creating an extensive original soundtrack.


Expressing gratitude, Sound Director Masayoshi Soken, who has been responsible for the music in various Square Enix games, presented themes and arrangements that allowed players to immerse themselves in the many soundtracks of Final Fantasy XVI.


- Theatrythm Final Bar Line

- Octopath Traveler II

- The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

- Final Fantasy XVI

- Hogwarts Legacy


Best Acting


Voice actor Jung Sung-hoon, who voiced Geralt, from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, was hailed as the winner in the Best Acting category.


During the awards ceremony, Jung Sung-hoon shared various stories, including memorable lines from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the months-long effort to deeply immerse himself in the game to better understand the acting and the game character.


Jung Sung-hoon also voiced Johnny Silverhand from Cyberpunk 2077, a character with an emotional and unrestrained personality, which was completely different from Geralt.


- Diablo 4, Lilith - Lee Seon

- Honkai: Star Rail, Kafka - Sa Mun-young

- The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Gerolt - Jung Sung-hoon

- Returnal, Seline - Lee So-young

- Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, Songbird - Lee Da-seul

Best Game Design


The Legend of Zelda series had already redefined the standards for freedom in open-world games through Breath of the Wild. However, Nintendo, with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, took the imagination and gameplay to levels beyond conventional games. The unique game design that allows players' imaginations to come to life in various ways has consistently received high praise since its release.


- Dave the Diver

- Baldur’s Gate 3

- The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

- Pikmin 4

- Hi-Fi Rush


Best Innovation


Rhythm action and third-person combat are elements attempted in various games in the past. Hi-Fi Rush innovatively improved and combined the structure of such action, weaving pure fun at its core. The game captured the essence of fun that unique concept games might miss, delivering a highly polished product with a challenging combination of genres that is hard to imitate.


Director John Johanas of the development studio Tango Gameworks expressed gratitude for the acknowledgment of their efforts by Korean fans, saying that they worked hard to apply something new and special to the game.


- Dredge

- Viewfinder

- Chants of Sennaar

- Cassette Beasts

- Hi-Fi Rush


Best Early Access


In the large-scale multiplayer FPS genre dominated by giant franchises backed by massive capital, BattleBit Remastered stands out as a game developed by only three developers — SgtOkiDoki, Vilaskis, and TheLiquidHorse. Despite its lightly depicted graphics, the game offers action fitting for large-scale battles and has received significant love since its early access release.


- BattleBit Remastered

- Sons of the Forest

- The Outlast Trials

- Ogu and the Secret Forest

- Warhaven


Best Korean Game


NeoWiz Round8 Studio's Lies of P has received acclaim for embracing traditional soul-like elements and presenting rare PC/console-oriented action in the domestic market. Particularly noteworthy is its popularity not only within Korea but also its significant international attention, earning recognition even before its release in award ceremonies.


Choi Ji-won, the director leading the development of Lies of P, expressed gratitude for the award while also interpreting it as a call to do even better. He pledged to strive to present even better work in the future.


- Night Crows

- Dave the Diver

- StafferCase

- Tower of God: New World

- Ares: Rise of the Guardians

- Eternights

- Eternal Return

- Crossfire: Sierra Squad

- Wars of Prasia

- Lies of P


Best Korean Studio


The award for the best Korean studio went to the development team behind Dave the Diver, which gained worldwide attention under the MINTROCKET brand. Dave the Diver presented an adventure element of marine exploration along with the management simulation aspect of running a sushi restaurant. Despite being a small-scale game, it achieved high levels of praise on Steam and garnered impressive ratings from critics.


- Nimble Neuron

- Round8 Studio


- Vic Game Studios

- Pearl Abyss


Game Introduction - Nakwon: Last Pardise


Another title in the works from MINTROCKET, Nakwon: Last Paradise, was introduced by director Jang Kyung-han, who recently completed the alpha test of the game. Nakwon: Last Paradise, a farming escape survival game set in a world overrun by zombies with Seoul as the backdrop, depicts gameplay where players search for resources to escape.


Given its Korean setting, firearms are less common, and the emphasis is on realistic gameplay rather than zombie slaughter. Director Jang Kyung-han expressed a commitment to actively listening to and incorporating player feedback through platforms like Steam and Discord, promising improved communication and an enhanced gaming experience.


Game Introduction - Breakers: Unlock the World


Breakers: Unlock the World is a new game from Vic Game Studios, which demonstrated high-quality graphics and effective production through Blackclover Online. The game revealed at G-Star also had splendid graphics and great story production and garnered much attention.


Han Seok-jun, art director at Vic Game Studios, emphasized the graphics, which feels like watching an animation. Also, he informed that tests that will be held next year, including FGT and CBT in Korea and Japan.


Game Introduction - Girls Frontline 2


The technology CEO of Sunborn Network Technology, Yu Zhong, delivered stories of Girls Frontline 2, the next game they are developing, through Inven Awards. Yu Zhong asked fans around the world to tune in, as the game, available for PC and mobile, should be released next year.


Game Introduction - Wuthering Waves


Kuro Games, known for the dazzling action game Punishing: Gray Raven, unveiled exciting news about their upcoming title, Wuthering Waves, through the Inven Game Awards. Solon, producer of Punishing: Gray Raven, expressed gratitude for meeting Korean game fans at last November's G-Star and being deeply moved by their passion. Furthermore, they shared their development philosophy and pledged to enhance Wuthering Waves in a positive direction, inviting much anticipation.


Best Trailer


Since its initial reveal, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has consistently been regarded as one of Nintendo's most anticipated titles. The third official trailer, released before the game's launch, heightened fans' expectations even further. The video showcased familiar regions for fans of the previous installment, along with newly designed areas, all highlighting the distinctive features of this upcoming game, complemented by an enchanting soundtrack.


Moreover, the trailer incorporated narrative elements that have been significantly strengthened compared to previous adventures. Recognizing these features, the trailer was honored with the Best Trailer award, determined by fan votes.


- Death Stranding TGA Teaser trailer

- Crimson Desert Gamescom ONL trailer

- Alan Wake 2 Dark Place trailer

- The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom third trailer

- Hogwarts Legacy cinematic trailer


Best Indie Game


Emphasizing classic graphics, Unbound: Worlds Apart focused on evocative direction and storytelling that complemented its visual style. The game not only adhered to classic sensibilities but also left a lasting impression with its touching narrative and various dynamic content, earning it recognition at major award ceremonies.


Director Dimas Novan Delfiano from Mojiken Studio mentioned that the project began with the intention of telling a story about a soul struggling to overcome loneliness. He expressed gratitude to Korean fans for enjoying the game, highlighting that it is a work that pays tribute to the places and times everyone has shared and grown together.


- Dredge

- Unbound: Worlds Apart

- Blasphemous 2

- Sea of Stars

- Planet of Lana


Best Mobile Game


Having made a mark on the global market with Genshin Impact, HoYoverse presented another major work, Honkai: Star Rail. Even before its release, the game garnered attention for its turn-based RPG style, distinct from both Genshin and the previous Honkai series. The game showcased appealing characters, high-quality 3D modeling, and improved optimization for smooth gameplay on both PC and mobile platforms.


- Honkai: Star Rail

- Black Clover M

- Tower of God: New World

- #Me

- Wars of Prasia


Best Dramatization


Lies of P reimagines the well-known fairy tale of Pinocchio in a grim fairy tale style, creating a foundation based on that narrative. It presents the story to fans with a new grammar, incorporating elements such as lies, the interplay between humans and dolls, and reinterpretations of characters. The game also reshapes the world with a steampunk aesthetic set in the Belle Epoque era.


Kwon Byung-soo, the Narrative Planning Team Leader at Round 8 Studio, shared that they faced some initial challenges in reinterpreting classic fairy tales. However, he expressed that it was an interesting and enjoyable experience. Moreover, he conveyed their commitment to go beyond this experience and deliver even more engaging stories to the fans.


- Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

- Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

- One Piece Odessey

- Hogwarts Legacy

- Lies of P


Best Remaster/Remake


A year marked by the splendid resurrection of particularly acclaimed masterpieces. The title chosen by fans as the best remaster/remake was The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This work, which led CDPR's global growth, not only remained faithful to the next-gen version update with various additional features but also left a deeper impression on domestic fans with newly added full dubbing.


- Dead Space

- Metroid Prime

- Biohazard RE: 4

- Like a Dragon: Ishin! Kiwami

- The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Best Scenario


The Final Fantasy series, known for emphasizing the crisis of the world in its early installments and the hero's journey to resolve it, took a different approach with Final Fantasy XVI. This entry depicted the political machinations rampant in each country within the series' archetypal story.


Yoshinori Kitase, the producer, and Naoki Yoshida, the creative director of Final Fantasy XVI, expressed their gratitude together in a video, saying that the development team invested significant efforts in the scenario, and they are pleased that players worldwide are responding positively to the characters in the game.


Producer Yoshida mentioned the recently released DLC, Echoes of the End, and discussed the ongoing production of the second DLC, Tears of the Sea, as well as the dedicated work being put into the PC version.


- Black Desert: Land of the Morning Light

- Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

- Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

- Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

- Final Fantasy XVI


CDPR Thank You 


Continuing with CDPR's contributions to the gaming community in Korea, they showcased various aspects from extensive voice acting support in large-scale games to offline events. Mikolaj Szwed, the localization director, expressed gratitude to Korean fans on behalf of the team.


Mikolaj acknowledged the success of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty in Korea and extended thanks to Korean gamers he met during the Phantom Liberty Tour held in Seoul. He highlighted the positive reception of the Korean voice acting as one of the significant achievements of the year in his role as the localization director.


Expressing thanks for the invitation to the Inven Game Awards, Szustak humorously concluded the video by suggesting a cheerful meeting at Duhan's 4 Euro Dollar Burger Shop by the end of the year.


Lies of P Thank You 


Continuing with the achievements of Lies of P from Round8 Studio, the game has been highly anticipated since its initial reveal, and the team has enjoyed a joyful year corresponding to those expectations. Expressing his happiness at being able to meet fans through the 2023 Inven Game Awards, Director Choi Ji-won mentioned the impressive milestone of reaching one million units in global cumulative sales. He emphasized the gratitude for the attention and support from both international and Korean gamers, acknowledging the significant fan base in Korea.


Director Choi Ji-won shared plans for the game's future, including collaborations with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, upcoming DLCs, and preparations for the next project. He pledged to continue delivering the essence of the game, the element of fun.


Best Ongoing


Continuing with the success story, League of Legends, which has been one of the most beloved online games in the Korean gaming market for over a decade since its domestic service in 2011. While the game's genre-specific features contribute to its popularity, it's worth noting that consistent updates and adaptations have played a crucial role in maintaining its position as the top game for such an extended period.


Sharing thoughts on the award, Pu Liu, the Game Director at Riot Games, mentioned their efforts to provide meaningful updates every two weeks and actively seek player and community feedback. Director Liu expressed the commitment to continue these efforts, incorporating feedback to guide League of Legends into a brighter future. He also emphasized the significance of winning the Best Ongoing category, acknowledging the substantial meaning behind the recognition for their continuous efforts.


- Black Desert Online

- Dungeon & Fighters

- Lost Ark

- League of Legends

- Maple Story

- Valorant


- Overwatch 2

- World of Warcraft

- FC Online


Best Esports Game


The consistent evolution, updates, and widespread acclaim, including domestic leagues and various global competitions, have contributed to the immense popularity of League of Legends. Recognizing this widespread appeal, League of Legends not only secured the Best Ongoing award but also triumphed in the Best Esports Game category, solidifying its status not just as the best ongoing game but also as the pinnacle of the esports gaming landscape.


- League of Legends

- Valorant

- PUBG Mobile

- KartRider: Drift

- FC Online


Best Esports Team


T1, a powerhouse in the traditional realm of the League of Legends professional stage and a representative team of LCK, has garnered significant love for an extended period. This year, T1 was honored as the Best Esports Team, with a remarkable achievement of winning the world championship a fourth time.


The team's general manager, Jeong “becker” Hoi-yoon, represented the team in the video and expressed gratitude to the players, coaching staff, and supportive fans who worked hard to make 2023 a great year for T1 and contribute positively to the esports community.


- Gen.G (League of Legends)

- T1 (League of Legends)

- KT Rolster (League of Legends)

- Dplus KIA (League of Legends)

- DRX (Valorant)

- T1 (Valorant)

- Kwangdong Freecs (KartRider: Drift)

- Liiv SANDBOX (KartRider: Drift)

- Elite (FC Online)

- KT Rolster (FC Online)


Best DLC


The expansion pack Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty managed to overturn the initial disappointing evaluations of Cyberpunk 2077. Through consistent updates, many elements that were not properly implemented in the early stages were improved, and the expansion showcased a high-quality storytelling experience. The player's engagement with various characters added a different theme and atmosphere compared to V's original story.


Marcin Momot, the Global Community Director at CDPR, expressed gratitude for winning the Best DLC category for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and also for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt winning in the Best Remaster/Remake category. He extended his thanks to everyone who contributed to Inven and game development. Momot mentioned that the award, determined by the votes of the Korean community, makes this recognition even more precious.


Momot also congratulated Jung Sung-hoon, the voice actor who received the Best Acting award for his role as Geralt, and expressed appreciation for the positive impact on the Korean gaming community, thanks to the excellent evaluations of the Korean dubbing.


- Black Desert: Land of the Morning Light

- Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania

- Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

- World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

- Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores


Best Expectations


In 2023, Pearl Abyss showcased a trailer at Gamescom, revealing gameplay-like content for their highly anticipated title Crimson Desert, once again proving it to be one of the most anticipated games in Korea. Aligned with these expectations, it won the award for the most anticipated game, decided by user votes.


Chae Hyo-seok, the co-producer of Crimson Desert, expressed gratitude through the video message and conveyed their ongoing efforts to create a more enjoyable game. Especially since the game is mentioned as one of the highly anticipated titles not only in Korea but also in the global gaming community, he added that they would do their best to meet the expectations of players worldwide.


- Black Myth: Wu Kong

- Crimson Desert

- Breakers: Unlock the World

- Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

- Stellar Blade

- Like a Dragon 8

- Tekken 8

- Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

- Path of Exile 2

- The First Descendent


Game of the Year


The protagonist of the year in the 2023 Inven Game Awards was Larian Studios' Baldur's Gate 3. The game, a new addition to the Baldur's Gate series, inherited Larian's unique strengths and direction, receiving high praise for its high level of freedom, creative game design allowing for inventive play, as well as interaction and exploration. Particularly, the game garnered attention not only in the Western market, where D&D is highly beloved, but also in Korea, where it received an official Korean language update in December.


Sven Vincke, the director of the game and the head of Larian Studios, expressed gratitude on behalf of the company for winning the Inven Game Award for the Game of the Year. He especially thanked the Korean players for their high evaluation, acknowledging their hard work in creating the game.


- Dave the Diver

- Diablo 4

- Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

- Biohazard RE: 4

- Baldur’s Gate 3

- Honkai: Star Rail

- Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

- Starfield

- Street Fighter 6

- Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon

- The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

- Final Fantasy XVI

- Hi-Fi Rush

- Hogwarts Legacy

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