[2023 LCK Awards] A Decade of Dedication: LCK Veterans CloudTemplar and Caster Seong Shine


The 2023 LCK Awards went beyond celebrating outstanding players and extended recognition to individuals who made significant contributions throughout the ten-year history of LCK. Among the recipients of the 10th Anniversary Special Award were Caster Seong Seung-heon and Commentator Lee "CloudTemplar" Hyun-woo.


For over a decade, caster Seong has been intertwined with the fabric of LCK since 2012. CloudTemplar, too, has carved his niche as a representative commentator for LCK following his retirement from professional play.


Reflecting on receiving accolades together, CloudTemplar expressed pride and honor. "It's gratifying to receive an award alongside someone I deeply respect. After a decade, it feels bewildering, but I consider this award a reminder to always strive with an initial heart. I am thankful to fans, staff, players, and my wife."



Remaining ever humble, Caster Seong noted, "Despite ten years in the industry, I’m still the latest to join. I am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such remarkable seniors."


In part 2 of the LCK Awards, the Best Showmanship Award and Best Meme Award took center stage. The Best Showmanship Award was bestowed upon Kwangdong Freecs, with Lee "Dudu" Dong-ju and Lee "BuLLDoG" Tae-young representing the team. Dudu expressed surprise, saying, "I didn't expect to receive an award today, but I am thrilled. Watching the video, the whole year passed like a photo. I will create more good memories next year and aim for the playoffs." BuLLDoG echoed the sentiment, stating, "I was planning to just clap all day today, but standing on this stage feels incredible. I am so happy. Thank you."



The Best Meme Award saw last year's recipient, Kim "Deft" Hyuk-kyu, taking the stage. This year, CloudTemplar, known for memes like "Emergency!" and "Down!!" on the Korean broadcast, etched deep into fans' minds, claimed the award. CloudTemplar expressed his gratitude, "I've never received awards consecutively like this. As a player, I wasn’t able to have such honors. Being able to savor this as a commentator makes today unforgettable. I will continue to strive every day to make commentary more enjoyable and not miss out on the fantastic games played by the players. Thank you."

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