The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin - A New Chapter in a Beloved Universe

"The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin," unveiled at G-Star 2023, presents a compelling narrative that skillfully intertwines the established lore of its manga and TV series counterparts with fresh elements. The game, set in the intriguing period between "The Seven Deadly Sins" and "Four Knights of the Apocalypse," introduces us to Tristan, the offspring of Meliodas and Elizabeth. His journey is not just a quest across the Britannian continent, warped by the Star Fragments, but also a deep dive into a world rich with lore and adventure. As a fan of the game's source material, I was excited from the beginning.


In conversations with the developers, it became evident that Tristan's story is more than a mere extension of the existing narrative. It's a careful blend of new and old, ensuring fans of the series will find both familiarity and novelty in this venture. This story-centric approach is beautifully complemented by the game's strong visuals. Rendered in Unreal Engine, every detail, from the sway of trees to the ripple of water, is meticulously crafted to mirror the quality animation established by the first game, "The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross."



The game's shift to an open-world format is a significant leap from its predecessor. It's not just about traversing a vast landscape but also engaging in varied activities that extend beyond the core combat mechanics. This includes jumping, climbing, fishing, and even swimming, lending a sense of authenticity and depth to the world. Such diversity in gameplay enhances the player's immersion, making the journey through Britannia feel more alive and interactive.


Combat and gameplay mechanics, while not revolutionary or outstanding, are well-executed and fit well within the game's universe. The strategic combat system draws heavily from the anime's power systems, offering a unique multiplayer experience where players share stats and control characters with multiple weapon options. This not only adds variety but also depth to combat, allowing for a more personalized approach to battles. 



"The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin" also promises an advanced strategic experience. Players form teams with different heroes, each equipped with one of three weapon types. This choice of weaponry changes the hero's skills and lethal moves, providing a diverse range of combat strategies. The game's 'Combined Attack' feature is particularly noteworthy, where skills of different heroes merge to create visually appealing and more potent attacks.


The world of "The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin" is populated with various monsters and bosses, each requiring specific strategies to defeat. This aspect of strategic combat is heightened by environmental cues, such as areas marked in red to signal the boss's special attacks, adding another layer to the tactical gameplay. There is a good amount of polish and interesting mechanics to the enemies and was my favorite of the actual gameplay. 



Exploration is another highlight of the game. Characters possess unique adventure skills, such as high jumping or object moving, which players must utilize strategically to navigate through different terrains and complete quests. The game also offers a range of activities like wood collecting, ore excavation, and fishing, providing a slice-of-life experience that complements the high-octane adventure.


In conclusion, "The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin" is a respectful continuation of the franchise that blends a rich narrative with a visually stunning and interactive world. While the gameplay mechanics may not be groundbreaking, they are solid and well-integrated into the game's universe. With its excellent aesthetics and deep respect for the source material, the game is a must-play for fans and a solid entry into the action RPG genre. The developers' dedication to player enjoyment and fidelity to the anime's legacy shines through, making "The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin" a commendable title.

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