Zeus is your Worlds 2023 finals MVP

▲ Source: LoL Esports


On Nov. 19, in the grand finals of the 2023 LoL World Championship, T1 swept Weibo Gaming 3-0 and hoisted the Summoner’s Cup. After being the runners-up of several straight tournaments, they finally clinched the championship, in the most prestigious tournament of the year.


While all five players had a spectacular performance, one player truly shined over others: Choi “Zeus” Woo-je. Playing Yone, Gwen, and Aatrox throughout the series, Zeus dominated the Rift to accumulate a massive lead for T1. His performance was recognized after the match as he was awarded the Finals MVP, presented by Oppo.


In a brief on-stage interview, Zeus said, "Last year, my opponent top laner got this award. As I kept finishing as the runner-up, I thought that this might be my luck. Even so, I kept practicing, believing that I'll get a chance some day if I worked hard. I'm so proud of myself for getting here."


Zeus continued mentioning the people he wanted to thank. "I'd like to thank my family, friends... I'd also like to thank Khan, who helped me a lot during the Asian Games. Also, although he's not here, I'd like to thank our former head coach, Bae "Bengi" Seong-woong."


Lastly, Zeus thanked the fans. Listening to the fans' roars, Zeus started off with a soft exclamation. "It was a bit tiring because I played so much LoL this year. Although it was hard, I was able to stay motivated thanks to you, fans, and kept practicing. I'll keep working and doing my best in the future as well."


▲ Source: LoL Esports

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