NewJeans discuss Deft and Keria at League of Legends World Championship 2023 Media Day

Source: LoL Esports

The esports world is abuzz as the League of Legends World Championship 2023 edges closer to its climactic conclusion. In the midst of this atmosphere, K-pop phenomenon NewJeans shared their journey and insights during the World Championship Media Day, ahead of their much-anticipated performance at the opening ceremony, as well as to discuss their version of the revered Worlds anthem, "GODS".


On Sunday, November 19, the NewJeans members – Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein – are set to showcase their music with a unique choreography set designed specifically for Worlds. Their performance, aligned with their anthem, aims to set the tone for the final showdown between T1 and Weibo Gaming.


Released near the start of the tournament, "GODS" immediately garnered attention with its striking music video featuring Deft, the DRX AD Carry and Worlds 2022 champion — a player known for having one of the most storied careers in history. The song, crafted by composers Sebastian Najand and Alex Seaver of Mako, marked a significant departure from NewJeans' usual musical style. Known for their sweet, catchy music, the group embraced a bolder sound with "GODS", featuring a more triumphant and cinematic aesthetic similar to past Worlds anthems. Reflecting on this transition, Danielle admitted the group initially questioned their ability to do justice to the song's energy.


Central to the song's narrative is the story of Deft, whose journey deeply resonated with NewJeans. When Inven Global asked about their thoughts of the music video, the group explained that they aimed to capture the essence of his and other players' relentless determination and efforts in the game's competitive world. "We put a lot of effort into capturing the fierce efforts of the players in the song," one member noted, highlighting their commitment to embodying the spirit of esports in their music.


The synergy between NewJeans and the League community was further highlighted in their interactions with T1 and Weibo Gaming during Media Day. An amusing and touching moment came from T1's support player, Keria, a self-proclaimed NewJeans fan. His enthusiastic discussion of them throughout his career has many times gone viral, earning a delighted response from the group. One member expressed their appreciation for such moments, adding that it fueled their desire to deliver a memorable performance at the Worlds.


Source: LoL Esports


The group's foray into the world of League of Legends wasn't limited to their musical contributions. Hanni, in particular, dived into the game, choosing Garen as her champion, eliciting cheers from the audience. The members also humorously speculated about which lanes they would choose if they played together, with Hanni imagining Minji in the jungle and Haerin and Danielle in the bot lane.


For NewJeans, being part of the "GODS" project was an honor of immense magnitude. Dani expressed the group's excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to such a significant event in the esports world. "It’s a true honor," she said, acknowledging the global scale and the enthusiastic audience that their performance would reach.


Source: LoL Esports


With almost 50 million streams on Spotify since its release, "GODS" has already made a significant impact. As the group prepares for their performance, Haerin shared their ambitions to create a grand and majestic stage, hoping to leave a lasting impression on the fans. The group's focus on capturing the narratives of past tournaments suggests a performance that is not just entertaining but also deeply connected to the spirit of the World Championship.


As the countdown to the grand finals on November 19 continues, the excitement within the LoL community is palpable. NewJeans, with their unique blend of music and passion for the game, are poised to deliver a performance that will be remembered long after the final match concludes.

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