TSM Bjergsen: "Ahri is a risky pick... she has certain scenarios where she is good."


TSM Bjergsen explained why Ahri isn't always a good pick.

On May 14th (PDT) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Team SoloMid defeated Flash Wolves in the second match during the last day of Mid-Season Invitational 2017 Group Stage. After the match, Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg was interviewed on stage with by Riot Games Brazil for his thoughts.

Bjergsen was happy that he won through a lot of comebacks, and thought that the fans would feel the same: "It [Winning through a lot of comebacks] feels really good, and it gives us a lot of [confidence]. Especially, fans really love it when the game goes back and forth."

Bjergsen then went on to explain how they improved throughout the tournament: "In other games, we showed how lost we were in the mid game, specifically when we lost against Flash Wolves. Our mid game in this match wasn't really good either, but we slowly learned how to really play our composition and how we want to play against them throughout the game; so later, we were able to be really decisive. It was a good win."

Finally, Bjergsen finished the interview with the reason why he doesn't like to play with Ahri despite doing well with it: "Ahri is a risky pick. Ahri needs to have a lot of plays around her. When if you leave her alone she doesn't win many lanes, so she needs help from junglers. However, our composition mostly plays in the bot lane to get the turret, so I need to fight my lane alone. Ahri was good in those matches against their champions and teamfights with a lot of squishy champions. She has certain scenarios where she is good, but she is not an all-round pick like Orianna and Syndra."

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