BLG Bin on playing Rumble for the first time in his career: "I decided to trust myself."

▲ Source: LoL Esports


On Nov. 3, in the 2023 LoL World Championship, Bilibili Gaming defeated Gen.G and reached the semifinals. It was a fierce match as the two teams made Silver Scrapes be played in the arena, and after the last Nexus was destroyed, Bilibili Gaming was the team to jump up in joy.


After the match, Bilibili Gaming top laner Chen “Bin” Zhe-Bin joined Bae Hye-ji for an interview on stage. When asked about how they managed to win in the end, Bin said, “Our concentration was good throughout the games,” and added, “We really didn’t want to give up a reverse sweep, so we endured until the end.”


Bin played Aatrox, Rumble, K’Sante, and Renekton in today’s games. Among the champions, it was the first time Bin played Rumble in an official game. Although it was his first time, he won both games that he played Rumble. “I was nervous since I was playing Rumble for the first time,” said Bin. “I didn't even know I would play well.” In the most critical game 5, Bilibili Gaming picked Rumble again. "I felt that way especially in game 5, but I decided to trust myself."


Game 5 was very close throughout the game. Gen.G was ahead for most of the game, but after a breakthrough teamfight, Bilibili Gaming was able to push deeply into Gen.G’s base. When asked about when he was sure they won, he answered, “When the Nexus was destroyed.”


As Bilibili Gaming advanced, two LPL teams have reached the semifinals. Bilibili Gaming will have to face off against Weibo Gaming. “Any team that could reach the semifinals is a strong team,” said Bin. “We had a hard time winning today, and I believe the semifinals will be difficult too.”


Lastly, Bin commented on the next match. “I’ll make sure the semifinals games are fun, and I’ll make sure we win.”


▲ Source: LoL Esports

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