WBG Weiwei on team consistency: " I think we're more focused when we're playing the stronger teams..."

Source: LoL Esports

Amid the clashes and plays at the 2023 League of Legends World Championship, Wei "Weiwei" Bo-Han, the spirited jungler for Weibo Gaming, is experiencing an unforeseen ascent in his competitive career. Despite the odds not being in their favor, Weibo Gaming, backed by enthusiasts for their luminary top laner Kang "TheShy" Seung-lok, has gripped the imaginations of fans worldwide. Their journey, marked by a tumultuous group stage, unfolded into a dramatic push into the knockout phase and a commanding stride into the semifinals.


In a conversation with Inven Global, Weiwei shed light on his personal evolution throughout the tournament. "I didn't even know how far we could really go. It really depends on everyone's form at the day," he confessed, underscoring the unpredictability of their success. Weiwei, who had never graced the international stage before, let alone vied for the top four, has blossomed, riding on a surge of confidence that has grown with each victory.


The backbone of Weiwei's progress improvement appears to be head coach Yang "Daeny" Dae-in, a former jungler whose insights into pathing and gameplay have been invaluable. "Daeny provides jungling ideas and also his ideas on how we're going to do our pathing, and also how we're going to approach the game in general," Weiwei explained, highlighting the tactical guidance that has been central to their progress.


Weibo has become somewhat infamous for seemingly having the ability to win versus anyone, but also lose versus anyone. When pondering the secrets to their triumph over titans like JD Gaming during the summer, Weiwei revealed a paradoxical strength. "I feel like we might be able to beat the best teams in the game. I think we're more focused when we're playing the stronger teams," he mused. This focus has manifested in their execution of team fights, where the intricacies of positioning and decision-making have proven crucial. "How you approach and how you do the teamfights really well, and also the positioning in the teamfights around objectives," he noted, pointing to the areas where Weibo Gaming has evidently honed their edge.


Source: LoL Esports


The path here wasn't smooth for Weiwei, who found himself without a team earlier in the year. His response to this challenge was steadfast dedication. "Watching a lot of things and grinding every day. Just keeping the amount of practice there," he shared, reflecting on the period of intense self-improvement that laid the groundwork for his current performance.


Weiwei's growth has been a function of not just individual grit but collective synergy, with Weibo Gaming showing a palpable enhancement in their team dynamics. "Yeah, I just want to play the game on stage," said Weiwei, expressing a simple yet strong desire that has driven him forward—a testament to the power of passion and the allure of the Worlds stage.


Source: LoL Esports


When asked what message he would send to his younger self, just beginning the journey as a professional League player, Weiwei’s response was a single, resonant statement: "Grind, buddy." It's a testament to the tireless work ethic that has seen this once under-the-radar jungler rise as a figure in one of the most storied tournaments in esports history. As Weibo Gaming sets their sights on the ultimate prize, Weiwei stands as a beacon to aspirants everywhere.



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