WBG Xiaohu: “We had a good grasp of the meta since the regional qualifiers, so I was very confident.”

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On Nov. 2, in the quarterfinals of the 2023 LoL World Championship, Weibo Gaming swept NRG 3-0 and advanced to the semifinals. After the match, Weibo Gaming mid laner Li "Xiaohu" Yuan-Hao jonied Yoon Soo-bin for an interview.


In today’s match, Xiaohu had a great performance, as he consistently pressured his opponent mid laner throughout the games. Xiaohu was modest and credited his teammates for the victory. “I’m happy that we won 3-0. My teammates did really well today. I hope we can keep doing well in our next match.”


When asked if he expected Weibo Gaming to reach the semifinals before Worlds started, he didn’t hide his confidence. “We had a good grasp of the meta since the regional qualifiers, so I was very confident.”


Until Neeko was banned in Game 3 today, Xiaohu played Neeko into Orianna in the first two games. His performance was spectacular, as he made key plays to turn the game around in Game 1. “Neeko is better than Orianna in lane during the early game,” he explained, and added, “I had faith in our bot laner for the late game, so I picked Neeko.”


Although Weibo Gaming won Game 1, after the first game, head coach Yang “Daeny” Dae-in was caught on camera giving feedback enthusiastically. When asked about this, Xiaohu smiled and answered, “We got into trouble while trying Baron. I thought that we would get an earful from coach Daeny after the game.”


Xiaohu had been to Worlds multiple times, but it’s his first time in the semifinals since Worlds 2017. The last question was his thoughts on heading to the semifinals. Xiaohu said, “The teams we’ll be facing from now on will be much stronger. We’ll be able to face them if we get more confident.”

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