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2 wins and a ticket to the Knockout Stage - Who will be the survivor among TSM, G2, FW, and GAM?


Even though the Stage has progressed to Day 4, audiences are still expecting the intense battles between teams in the final day.

Although two teams are confirmed to enter the Knockout Stage - SKT T1 with 7 wins and the unexpected 1 loss by Flash Wolves, and Team WE with 5 wins and 3 losses which would not be problematic to enter the Stage even if the team losses 2 matches in the last day, other teams - TSM, G2, Flash Wolves, and Gigabyte Marines - are in a desperate situation where the result of the final day determines  the entrance or elimination from the Knockout Stage.

G2 is in the most desperate situation at the moment. The first opponent they will face in Day 5 is SKT T1, and the following match is against TSM, the team that gave a taste of bitter defeat to G2. Even though the importance of each match is great for other teams as well, the consecutive losses of G2 by Team WE and GAM has resulted the team to be desperately looking for a change of gloomy atmosphere.


While coaches and players are actively coming up with strategies, audiences are more interested in how placement matches will be proceeded. If SKT T1 losses 2 matches while Team WE claims 2 victories, the result will make the same score of 7 wins and 3 losses for both teams. 4 low tier teams are also in the situation of 3 wins and 5 losses at the moment.

In fact, the entrance to the Knockout Stage will be confirmed when one claims at least 2 victories, thus it is expected that other 4 teams would come up with all of their strategies that they have not used so far in the final day.

Which teams will snatch other 2 spots of the Knockout Stage? The unmissable and intense phase of the Group Stage is approaching.

2017 MSI Group Stage Day 5 Schedule

Round 1 SKT T1 vs G2
Round 2 TSM vs Flash Wolves
Round 3 Team WE vs Gigabyte Marines
Round 4 TSM vs G2
Round 5 Flash Wolves vs Gigabyte Marines
Round 6 SKT T1 vs WE


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