G2 Caps: "I have a lot of confidence in us and definitely think we can beat everyone at this tournament."

Source: LoL Esports

The League of Legends World Championship has always been a disappointing affair for most western rosters, but G2 Esports, the West's beloved team, has often risen above the mediocrity. Rasmus "Caps" Winther, the luminary mid laner of G2, sat down with Inven Global to discuss the team's metamorphosis, ambitions, and the challenges they've surmounted on their path to the 2023 World Championship.


Caps began by focusing on G2's approach this year, which has taken a turn towards regimentation. "This year we took a very disciplined approach," he shared. The strategy encompasses a vast range of factors from their in-game strategies to out-of-game habits. "We're very structured in how we do our practice, what treatments we play, how we draft, or even what we eat. We're trying to be very consistent in everything we do." This meticulous approach is a testament to the team's commitment to ensuring nothing is left to chance.


A journey back in time to their 2019 Worlds campaign revealed a more chaotic G2 — one that was both unpredictable and exhilarating. "In 2019 G2, we were a little crazy," Caps reminisced. Their unorthodox meta interpretations often caught their adversaries off-guard. "We still have that to some extent, but it's a lot more controlled. We're a lot more structured about how we draft and play things compared to 2019 where it was more just full chaos."


Source: LoL Esports


This evolution is not just team-wide but also personal for Caps. The 2019 version of himself, bursting with confidence, sometimes relied excessively on his individual skills. "2019 Caps, I had a lot of confidence in myself. But maybe I was relying too much on what I can do myself," he admitted. Fast-forward to the present day, and he has transitioned to being a more holistic player, adept at creating advantages throughout the map and synergizing with teammates.


However, the lead up to this year's championship was not all smooth sailing for G2. 2022, in particular, threw them some curveballs. "2022 was a challenging year for us," Caps confessed, highlighting their misadventures at the MSI in Malmö which dented their morale and affected their meta adaptability. But in tradition, G2 chose resilience over despondence. "Losing, especially in the group stages like last year, is always hard. But the key is to bounce back and keep pushing forward."


As the conversation shifted to the present Worlds, Caps was effusive about the experience and atmosphere, particularly being back in Korea. However, he was also candid about the uncertainty brought on by the new format and the weight of expectations. The essence of their confidence, he highlighted, wasn't just built on past laurels but was deeply rooted in their continuous preparations. After all, performing on the grandest stage is what matters most. "It doesn't really matter how well you've done for the year, if you don't show up on the few days of the Swiss Stage," he noted.


Source: LoL Esports


But amid all the reflection, Caps' unyielding optimism shone through the brightest. "I have a lot of confidence in us and definitely think we can beat everyone at this tournament," he declared, exuding determination. This fervor is not just individual but team-wide, as G2 strives to grasp the golden opportunity before them. "It's not every year you get a good shot... I want to make sure we all put in our hearts and get as much as we can from this Worlds," he passionately stated.


With this detailed introspection, Caps and G2 Esports invite fans into their world, one filled with growth, discipline, and a burning desire to ascend to the pinnacle of the League of Legends universe. Their journey continues, and as they navigate through the highs and lows of the 2023 World Championship, one thing is for certain: they're in it with all their hearts, and the LoL community will be riveted to every move they make.

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