GAM Optimus: "I hope I can make Vietnam and the whole region stronger."

May 13, 2017


GAM Optimus will regain confidence to make his country and region stronger.

On May 13th (PDT) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Gigabyte Marines defeated G2 Esports in the second match during Day 4 of the Group Stage of Mid-Season Invitational 2017. Cường "Optimus" Trần Văn was interviewed on stage after the match for his thoughts.

Optimus started the interview by thanking his teammates: "The match turned harder because I failed to perform well as the mid laner. Luckily, other team mates have help me [to win the match]."

When asked about the team's signature aggressiveness, Optimus plans to kick it up a notch: "Sometimes, we wish we'd play slower. However, our team is very new, so making early plays is our playstyle. I hope we'd have better synergy in future so that we can play more aggressively."

Finally, Optimus ended the interview with a promise that'll make Vietnam and the whole region proud: "Right now, my performance is not up to par yet, so I lost a lot of confidence. I hope that I can regain confidence and make Vietnam and the whole region stronger."

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