FW SwordArt on defeating SKT: "We played very aggressively to find advantages."

FW SwordArt suggested how the playstyle difference was the key to their victory against SKT.

On May 13th (PDT) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Flash Wolves ended SK Telecom T1's winning streak in the second match during Day 4 of the Group Stage of Mid-Season Invitational 2017. Shuojie "SwordArt" Hu was interviewed on stage after the match for his thoughts.

SwordArt thanked Karsa and MMD for their win against SKT: "We didn't change that much overnight, but we let Karsa play really aggressively and snowball the early game. Also, MMD was very solid throughout the match, and that led us to victory."

When asked about how they can defeat SKT, SwordArt suggested the difference between the teams' playstyles: "SKT T1 plays very conservatively with standardized plays, so we played very aggressively to find advantages."

Finally, SwordArt hoped that they will all perform well going forward with this victory: "[Defeating SKT] has been a morale and confidence boost for all of us. Hopefully in upcoming games we can perform really well."

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