TSM WildTurtle on the sixth man roster: "I just think it's time to step up."

TSM WildTurtle feels more pressure from the sixth man, but feels that it's a good change overall.

On May 13th (PDT) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Team SoloMid scored a win against Gigabyte Marines in the first match during Day 4 of the Group Stage of Mid-Season Invitational 2017. Jason "WildTurtle" Tran was interviewed on stage after the match for his thoughts.

WildTurtle began the interview by identifying possible reasons for their inconsistent performance: "I think we lost a bit of confidence. Also, all of these teams are best from other regions, so competition is a lot more fierce, and we are just not used to their playstyles."

TSM played against GAM for seven games in MSI 2017, but they were still surprised at their level-1 strategy: "We studied a lot of their different Level-1 strategies, but we still didn't expect them to 5-man ambush us from Level 1."

When asked about the remaining matches, WildTurtle thought their next match against SKT might be the decisive one: "Playing against SKT will be a huge factor. It will be really hard, but if we manage to win, it will be a good head start [of the remaining matches]."

Finally, although TSM recently announced that Doublelift will be their sixth man, WildTurtle was optimistic about the change. "I definitely feel a lot more pressure, but it's not bad in any sense. Although we now have a sixth man roster and people are looking at my plays more, I just think it's time to step up."

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